Batman – Arkham Knight: ruler of the road – map with localities to all militia bases

&# 8220; rulers of the road&# 8221; is one of the wanted lists missions in Batman: Arkham Knight, in which you will find all the militia bases of Gotham City and you have to clean of enemies. To help you finding the checkpoints something you find in our guide maps with localities to all checkpoints of the militia.

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Similar to disarmament campaign and conquest of Gotham it comes in Ruler of the road its correction facilities of the militia. In this Mission wanted list is this is to Checkpoints militia, her first probed and then attack. We lead you to all localities of the militia bases in Batman: Arkham Knight.

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Batman &# 8211; Arkham Knight: ruler of the road &# 8211; procedure

Checkpoints militia recognizes her always small fenced areas. Inside are several opponents and later tougher defense measures such as guns, drones and beefcake. The goal is logically eliminate all enemies and radio set to destroy, which carries one of the opponents with them. Makes you initially always a picture of the situation and use your gadgets and equipment to facilitate you the thing. In many Militia bases it is also possible to take the Batmobile. Hold include ramps Out, on the you can jump into the demarcated areas. Have taken her a checkpoint, the fences disappear around it. Sometimes, then drone Pop up. Imagine it or save yourselves with the Grappling hook position increased.

Batman - Arkham Knight: electronic gadgets and equipment of the Dark Knight

Ruler of the road: cards with all localities

Overall, there are 20 checkpoints of the militia in Gotham City to find. They are spread over the three main islands as follows:

  • Bleake Iceland (4 militia bases)
  • Founders&8217; Iceland (8 Militia bases)
  • Miagani Iceland (8 Militia bases)

Have completed their recent checkpoint, you also get the Achievement The streets of Gotham.

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Destroy all the checkpoints of the militia.

For the exact locations of the bombs we have marked on maps for you. For a larger view just click on the individual Maps.

Ruler of the road: checkpoints on Bleake Iceland

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Ruler of the road: checkpoints on Founders&8217; Iceland

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Ruler of the road: checkpoints on Miagami Iceland

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Batman - Arkham Knight: wanted list of Most Wanted Criminals in Gotham

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