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Normally fixed where your Steam games are installed out. but with the free Steam Mover tool you can now determine this yourself.

Valve's Steam program facilitates you many things about your handling of PC games. You can you your games any time purchase and download, and even access from any PC on your account and therefore also on your games. Regularly bargain offers and many indie games and players come with fewer funds to train.

Less nice that you have no control over where the games that you buy on Steam installed. Instead, they always end up automatically in the Steam folder. Should you not like it, you usually have no way to change it.

Steam Mover: Moving games is easySteam Mover: Moving games is easy

Steam Mover

The Steam Mover gives you exactly this possibility. With a few clicks of Steam Mover placed your games to any location. For this, the program must be installed not even enough instead a simple double click to icon.

The Steam Mover recognizes namely when you first start directly all installed games on the hard drive of your computer, the folder &# 8220; common&# 8221; are the Steam directory.

Conclusion: Those who have no more space on its hard drive and still want to delete any old games, for which the Steam Mover is perfect. Because as fast as moving her games on the hard disk to a new directory, you can watch the games together with all data (reservoir levels, mods) simply move to a connected SSD hard drive.

It should be said that the Steam Mover is stuck in the first alpha version for years. The developer Traynier there is no guarantee for the functioning of the Delphi application.

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