Google Home for Windows: Setting via PC app – is that possible?

Setting up the computer from Google Home and drive - that could Home app for Windows be easily downloading the Google. But there is already a standalone desktop application or a browser extension for Chrome?

Google Home - as the name suggests - primarily used at home to hear the living room or other rooms by voice radio to stream YouTube videos to the TV or to help with other features in everyday life. Where there is the right desktop app for Windows to download?

In the video we present to you the Google home and show what the smart speaker draufhat:

18590This is Google Home

Google Home control from the PC and set up - is that possible?

What could be better than at home on a home computer to set up Google Home? A setup configuration for Google Home could be made by Chrome plug-in or standalone desktop application comfortably by the keyboard. But where there are downloading the Google Home app for the Windows PC?

Here comes the hook:

There is neither an app still a Chrome extension for Google Home.

Also on a Google Assistant extension for Chrome PC users have to do without.

stream Windows screen on the TV: Google Home

Another thing is to control the TV from the desktop PC Google Cast. Will you, for example, browser content on the TV play, you can download you the Google Cast plugin. Prerequisites are:

  • A connected to the TV Chromecast dongle,
  • of the Google Chrome Browser
  • and the Google Cast extension (PC, Mac or Chromebook)

As her Connect Google Home Chromecast can control and streaming services via voice and play, learn it in the linked article. Also read how her Setting up Netflix Chromecast and install can.

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Do you want to show the developers that there is pent-up demand regarding Windows and Google-home connectivity can send their feedback. This works as with other Google products as well: In the menu / settings you will find the option give feedback or Report an error.

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