Write Omega sign: Find it on PC and Mac

Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet and is for example in physics for electrical resistance. Do you want to write the Omega symbol, you need a certain key combination for PC and Mac. We tell you below how you can enter the omega character in Word, Excel and other programs.

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The omega-sign &# 8220;Ω&# 8221; is primarily found in scientific texts - but where it hides on the keyboard? While there is no dedicated button for the character, but you can then use a simple key combination into your word processor or other software to insert.

In the video we have five smart tips for Word for you:

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Write Omega symbol on the PC for Word, Excel and Co.

The Omega or &Ohms; # 8220&# 8221; sign can be easily inserted by character code. Even the little Omega &# 8220; ω&# 8221; has its own keyboard shortcut. ASCII code is the default code for characters, including those who did not get their own key on the keyboard. To program, you therefore need these codes if you want to represent the Omega symbol. How can you write directly to the keyboard in Word, Excel and Co. Omega characters also, learn it here:

great Omegasmall Omega
shortcutAlt + 0937Alt + 0969
Ascii code&# 937;&# 969;
LaTeX codeomegaomega
  1. Want to insert their Omega hotkey, you keep on Windows PC Alt key key and typing on the numeric keypad in succession the numbers &# 8220;0937&# 8220 ;.
  2. After you've Old released, the Omega symbol appears. However, this requires that the selected font can display the icon. Here you are, for example, &# 8220; Times New Roman&# 8221; on the safe side. Omega-mark does not appear, simply try a different font.

To insert Omega in Excel, you easily can the font &# 8220; Symbol&# 8221; Select and then a &8220 W&# 8221; tap.


Of course, this trick also works in Word and other programs in which you can set this font.

As a Windows user you also can easily copy the Omega symbol. Either you take our Omega-sign: &# 8220;Ω&# 8220 ;, or you go about programs > equipment > system Tools > Character Map and seek you there the icon.


Write Omega symbol on the Mac

Similarly, it is also on Apple devices. Do you want to write the Omega symbol on the Mac, the emoji icons and displays. Then you simply selects the Omega sign


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Not only as a symbol of the resistance is Omega in use, it is also a popular Taufkerzenmotiv *Write Omega sign: Find it on PC and Mac.

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Together with Alpha, it represents the beginning and end, so to speak, the &# 8220; A&# 8221; and &# 8220; O&# 8221 ;, because Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet. As you Taufkerzen and other candles can do it yourself, we have described to you in the assigned link. not enough of symbols? Learn with us what the Illuminati characters and how it is used.

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