Webcam driver: For laptops and notebooks obsolete

It is a mystery, but often is fresh laptop owners complain that the webcam is not working. No error message, no Included webcam driver, nothing? We have at hand the riddle for you.

Webcam driver: For laptops and notebooks obsolete
You have not found what you've wanted? Here you will find our download archive of all webcam drivers.

You have gained you a new notebook with an integrated webcam, but somehow, apparently due to a missing webcam driver, the camera does not work and you can not use a video chat or funny photos shoot of you. We have the solution

Webcam driver unnecessary

When commissioning a new notebook or laptop with webcam You just have the webcam on by the appropriate department key (usually F9, operate with a camera). Now the camera is active and your you can use. At least until your computer restarts.

To avoid having to press again the button every time, you can also modify the BIOS this setting. You can find the needed here setting in the camera settings by simply activating your "Preserve load-State", which your webcam remembers the last state before the shutdown of the notebook and thus remains always on.

disable webcam

Do you want webcam but then again not enabled, you can change this to (F9) or go a completely different way with your webcam however permanently disabled simply printing again:

  1. Make your way through Control Panel > Hardware and Sound in the Device Manager
  2. Opens the drop-down menu under "Imaging Devices"
  3. The webcam can you displayed by right-clicking on "Disable" off

In the same way you do that switching off the webcam also reversed.

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