ICQ Delete Account: local and on the Internet

ICQ Delete Account: local and on the Internet

ICQ is one of the veterans of Internet chats. Many other chat forms, especially WhatsApp are now preferably used. So time to clear the ICQ account and eliminate his own data.

Although old access accounts do not eat bread, but the constant danger of datenstehlende Hacker is finally omnipresent. So if you like that no longer requires an account with ICQ, you should resolve it. Here you find out how to clear the ICQ account.

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Delete ICQ account: Dissolve the account

To delete an ICQ account permanently and remove the ICQ number is one thing a few moments. All you need to the user ID or email address and the corresponding password are. In addition, still have access to the registration address to receive a confirmation email.

ICQ Delete Account: Only a few clicks are necessaryICQ Delete Account: Only a few clicks are necessary

Here is a step by step guide to clear an ICQ account:

  • First we visit http://www.icq.com/delete-account
  • There we have to log our user data. This consists of the password and the email address or ICQ number.
  • After clicking on Login we then land first on a confirmation page. (See above)
  • When we have confirmed there (by clicking on &# 8220; Delete Account&# 8221) that we really want to erase our ICQ account, we need to confirm by clicking on an email link that again. So ICQ wants to make sure that someone does not delete the account, the chance knows username and password.
ICQ Delete Account: Only after double confirmation!ICQ Delete Account: Only after double confirmation!

  • Now we need to get our emails and click on the link. Only when that is done, the account is actually completely deleted. This also applies to e-mails and all other stored data.

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