Thanksgiving 2015: Date, food and origin of the holiday

In Germany rather little attention, the Thanksgiving celebration in the US and Canada is one of the biggest holidays of the year. The traditional feast is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. 2015 drops the "Acknowledgments" on Thursday, 26 November.

Thanksgiving 2015: Date, food and origin of the holiday

In the US, Thanksgiving is the most important family holiday of the year. The focus is on the traditional dinner in which all generations of a family shall be gathered together at one table. The importance of the festival is also reflected in the increased traffic on the roads in the US. At no other time in the year, it accumulates as much as to the appointment of the US Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving 2015: food, turkey and what is celebrated?

Closely linked to Thank Ching is Black Friday. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving and is in the United States the go-ahead for the big Christmas sales at retail. Even in Germany, the Black Friday will attract more and better received so many online retailers with discounts and low prices. Already the whole week there for. B. For Amazon operations under the Cyber ​​Monday week.


  • Highest tradition at Thanksgiving feast, the fried and stuffed turkey.
  • In addition, the table with many side dishes and desserts will be covered.
  • Sun can be found in the Thanksgiving meal regularly sweet potatoes again.
  • For dessert at Thanksgiving dinner apple or pumpkin pie is served.
  • the meal of a prayer of thanks is initiated.
  • Tradition also has the "Wishbones" ceremony. Here, the leg of a Truthans of two people is encompassed with the little finger. Both pull on it until the wishbone breaks. Who holds the larger piece in hand, has one wish.
  • Similar to the New Year's speech of the Chancellor, there is also time for the Thanksgiving Day to hear warm words annually by the US President.
  • Unlike Christmas, however, no gifts will be distributed.

Unlike in the US, Thanksgiving is not celebrated in November, but on the second Monday in October in Canada.

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Thanksgiving 2015: Date, food and origin

shutterstock_330324959The origins of the US Thanksgiving celebration in autumn 1621. At that time shall a beheimateter in Massachusetts Indian tribe have celebrated a multi-day harvest festival. Officially, the harvest festival of President George Washington was introduced on 3 October 1789th Abraham Lincoln was confirmed in 1864 the last Thursday in November as an official and regular appointment for the Thanksgiving feast.

The date for the next Thanksgiving celebration:

  • Thanksgiving 2016: November 24,
  • Thanksgiving 2017: November 23
  • Thanksgiving 2018: November 22
  • Thanksgiving 2019: November 28

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