NO LIMIT from “The Cave Lion” now available for download: App for relaxation and mental training

No Limit is a new app that lets you relax, meditate and can do mental training. Search now the inventors in the Vox show "The Cave of the Lions" for an investor. We'll tell you what's behind it.

NO LIMIT from Source: Photo: MG RTL D / Frank Hempel

No Limit in "The Cave Lion": What can the app do?

Updated on 24.10.2017, 21:32: No Limit did not make a deal.

Original Article from 10.23.2017:

New apps from Germany are often presented in the Lions' Den, there to get some attention and find with happiness also an investor. The "No Limit" App we did not know before, but the founder Norman Alexander and Cemal Osmanovic have big. The author and personality trainers have developed the application together, with which you can relax better and change his life in the end. Whenever you hear those phrases, you should really switch off immediately and run away - is to be hoped that no-limit is an exception.

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No Limit to improve in just 15 minutes a day for relaxation and mental fitness. To a program you are looking for off that suits their own situation. Offered will focus groups:

  • job
  • Life
  • love
  • health
  • and much more.

In addition there is then different audio files that you want to listen once a day for a maximum of 15 minutes. Everyday life should not change it. Over time is one to notice how the training is intense and helps in relaxation.

Members further information on the topic:
Relaxation techniques and relaxing with technology

No Limit is the Play Store already available for download:

NO LIMIT MeditationdownloadQR codeNO LIMIT MeditationDeveloper: No Limit GbRPrice: Free NO LIMITdownloadQR codeNO LIMITDeveloper: NOLIMIT Gbr *Price: Free

The app is free, but in the use of different prices apply:

No Limit PricesNo Limit: The price list (Source: interesting: see "The Cave Lion" streaming LIVEStart Photogallery(10 images)The Cave Lion: The best tech products, which can be purchased

No Limit in "The Cave Lion": money, interests and opportunities

The founders would like to make for their app No Limit in "The Cave Lion" an investment of 250,000 euros and for companies accounted for 15 percent. So that the entire company would be worth about 1.66 million euros. There are currently 21 shots with 15 minutes and hope that you do with subscriptions much revenue per month. Apps are always considered very critical in the Lions' Den, as they use a highly competitive market. It is therefore watch be interesting if the team can win a lion for itself. What do you think about the app?



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