Akira in free streaming starting today at Arte & on TV – until 06.19.2016!

Akira is a so-called cult film. Even people who are not interested in anime have seen Akira or ever heard of it at least. justifiably &# 8211; it is in fact a masterpiece, and not only made the Japanese yogurt cups or motorcycles world famous. Today you see the movie in the free live stream & TV Arte from 22:15. The perfect alternative for all EM muffle. But football fans have until 06.19.2016 a chance to see the film in the Arte library. 

Akira was the first manga series, published entirely in Germany. It was begun in 1982 by Katsuhiro Otomo and ends 1990th Otomo himself put the manga then in 1988 in the movie Akira to. The work had a tremendous impact on the perception of manga and anime in the Western world. Who really should not know him, is now almost forced to make up the genre-defining piece of film history quickly.

Here `s to Akira in free and legal online stream*

Akira in Live free & Online Stream & in TV Arte &# 8211; only one week!

One can not constantly watch football and who actually something other than the Germany-Ukraine game would like to see in the ARD today should switch to Arte. Free & legal online streams of Akira are not as wide and far between, and often leaves the quality to be desired, so today's live stream at Arte is a very good thing. Even better is that you can now look in the Arte library in free streaming Akira. Best: There he is up to you June 19 at 22:16 for retrieval.

Who wants to see on TV the cause rather, can turn to repeat Akira at 1:25 pm from 22:15 today or on Tuesday. Off to Neo-Tokyo!

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Katsuhiro Otomo &# 8211; Master of post-apocalyptic musings

As early as 1979, the manga short story appeared in The fireball, which is commonly referred to as a precursor for Akira. Common to the two stories in each case some of the protagonists are equipped with a psi-talent and that there are groups who oppose the state. Otomo stated that the idea for another story came to him at work: The suicide paradise, for which he was awarded the Science Fiction Grand Prix.

Kaneda and Tetsuo live in Neo-Tokyo and belong to a motorcycle gang. They are descendants of a generation that survived World War III and nuclear disaster. An artificial island, populated by a company which is determined by gang violence and terrorism. Tetsuo obtained through natural forces after a fateful encounter. He gets into the focus of a military research project and met the mystery Akira.

Akira in streamIf scare hallucinations&# 8230;

Akira in legal online streaming (as of 2015)

Free online provider of Psycho-Pass that are not with their streams in a legal gray zone are currently hard to find. Other portals can not be recommended here, so a brief overview of the overall situation of the streaming offer that soon an update is hopefully worth it.

akira stream

  • On Funimation.com there to see the movie on free access, but you've got to register for it and accept advertisements in purchase.
  • On Crunchyroll.com is currently nothing to get
  • In Anime on Demand is nothing in it.
  • Peppermint anime that stream over Vimeo, not even offer what they're looking, but apart from the regular view of the free-to-watch-listing can be absolutely worth it.
  • Unfortunately, there is nothing even in Clipfish well in MyVideo, but on YouTube you can currently see the complete film with English subtitles.
  • Paid but 100% legal and in German synchronization you get the film on iTunes *Akira in free streaming starting today at Arte & on TV - until 06.19.2016!, Xbox Video, Sony and Google Play.

Legal Anime streams

Akira on DVD - Special Edition*


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