Top 20 – the most successful film series of all time

(Carsten) Hollywood thrives on producing films with more and more sequels. This creates, how could it be otherwise, ever larger and longer film series and series. Now that we have finally been abgelästert nasty and some have called it, of which we want no further part, we look today once the world's most successful film series.

Top 20 - the most successful film series of all time

And unlike last issue, which of course is only the subjective impression that decides whether you want a further part of a film, we can rely here on tough and verifiable figures.

Because as a measure of success of a film's worldwide box office applies. Not matter whether a title has received good or bad reviews. As long as the cash register rings, the men and women in Hollywood happy.

but we wanted to know precisely what the film series have really cleared in recent years at the box office and present you below the seats 20-1.

Place 20: The Chronicles of Narnia

Number of movies: 2
Grossing films of all: $ 1,164,662,885
Average grossing per film: $ 582,331,343
The most successful film in the series: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe


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