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The Web service SoundCloud allows you to upload and distribution of music through a variety of ways, as well as listen to and download the music files.

SoundCloud is an online service for distributing music in a cloud. The service is intended primarily to the fact that musicians spread their music and so can advertise. So the main functions aim that registered users can share their pieces composed in different ways and offer them for download.

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It SoundCloud allows, among other things, uploaded music files to other websites such as Facebook and Twitter to integrate. Particularly easy spreading of music by a variety of widgets, apps, and an API through which can be uploaded via third-party programs or smartphones audio files and downloaded. The management of the uploaded music tracks via playlists.
SoundCloud is interesting not only for musicians, but also for music lovers, who have access to a large amount of music from many categories on the Web service. You can register on Soundcloud as a Free Member, the functions are then restricted for uploading music, or as a premium member, with different models for different terms for this offer. In return, you can then use SoundCloud comprehensive, for example, there is more space available.

The download link refers to the registration form from SoundCloud. Alternatively, there are on the homepage of the web service and the ability to log on his Facebook account.

Conclusion: SoundCloud is a highly recommended offer for all who spread music files self-produced and so want to advertise. As an alternative to MySpace, the Web service mainly offers because unlike MySpace the pieces belongs not only to the platform, but can also be spread in different ways and downloaded.

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