Bad Teacher 2: Is there a theatrical release or trailer?

With Bad Teacher Jake Kasdane has created a bitter teacher-comedy that is set with Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel top. So why not bring a continuation of it at the start. We tell you in this article, as the rumors about Bad Teacher 2 look like and what it is a fact.

478Bad Teacher 2: When is the successor?
Cameron Diaz is one of the most popular comedy actresses in Hollywood. With the women's favorite Justin Timberlake at her side that resulted in a blockbuster safe combination: Bad Teacher has Tasted just $ 20 million recorded for the film has all the 216 million US dollars. For studios and producers therefore a godsend in terms of continuation.


Bad Teacher 2: What does the rumor mill?

2011, the original movie Bad Teacher * cameBad Teacher 2: Is there a theatrical release or trailer? in theaters and the box office for Columbia Pictures let it ring. Two years later - so in 2013 - was then Columbia President Doug Belgrad and the president of production (Hannah Minghella) in a press release announced that it is a sequel to Bad Teacher *Bad Teacher 2: Is there a theatrical release or trailer? will be. As a director Jake Kasdan has been committed and the script should write Justin Malen again. Allegedly Cameron Diaz should take on the role of non-conformist teacher Elisabeth with loose tongue and flexible morality again. It was said that it would be in negotiations with her. IMDb has even set up a page for the second part.

Well at least three years have passed and by a second part is far and wide to see anything. So what happened? Unfortunately, it has to find an answer on the World Wide Web. It is silent off. Whether the whole thing on the script or in the negotiations with Cameron Diaz has failed - it's nowhere to be found to information. And also the fact that there will be no second part is more speculates only due to the fact that there is no update in over three years. It was announced neither a specific release date nor a trailer or published. Should this change again, learn course of it here.

Also, Jason Segel and Justin Timberlake are one of the party!Also, Jason Segel and Justin Timberlake are one of the party!

Bad Teacher 2: continuation of the anti-heroine?

Even though the reviews were at least mixed in Germany, a relaxed popcorn movie night makes you look with Bad Teacher *Bad Teacher 2: Is there a theatrical release or trailer? in any case. Some critics called Bad Teacher as inspirationsarm and full pubertal humor. Despite everything, an anti-heroine was seen as protagonist very refreshing and Cameron Diaz was busy with her insouciant charm perfectly. The series adaptation to Bad Teacher may have therefore not work because Cameron Diaz was not there. Maybe the flop of the series Bad Teacher has changed the opinion of the producers.

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