What is Reddit and how it works? – Easily explained

Sooner or later you come in the context of Internet comments or forums on the platform Reddit. But what is actually Reddit? And how does it work? We explain it in our guide.

Reddit is often called the &# 8220; Home of the Internet&# 8221; designated. According to Wikipedia, it is a social news aggregator. - Great, then know all about it. We make ourselves then at times a more understandable explanation.

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What is Reddit?

The website Reddit looks at first glance like a leftover from the '90s. All possible (sometimes strange) statements and questions you see there on the home page and more interesting insider discussions.

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The name itself: Reddit is spoken in English as it is there. In English, the spoken word but then does &# 8220; Read it&# 8221; (Noted here the past tense of &# 8220; read&# 8221), what means something like &# 8220; I&# 8217; s read&# 8220 ;. Also however, is the combination of the words &# 8220; Read&# 8221; (read and &Edit; # 8220&# 8221; (Edit) meant.

Especially beautiful and intuitive website Reddit has no effect.Especially beautiful and intuitive website Reddit has no effect.

How does Reddit?

On Reddit each his own created or found news or posts can create and write straight on. however, no Reddit forum. it is as a discussion platform for specific news, websites, Internet events (presentations), or specific YouTube videos often used where all people can comment on what happened.

For the sake of freedom of expression is therefore especially important today, since not all sites allow comments. Reddit has developed a remedy and therefore is often a source of traditional media.

in short: You can find here every second very useful, interesting, funny and weird things that have drawn attention to Internet users as well as tens of thousands of opinions on this.

Similar to YouTube users can rate posts positive or negative. Except that here the amounts high by arrows or be marked down. The amount of the ratings then determine what position on the above-mentioned law, the contribution wild acting categories. However, this depends on the overall popularity of the post, which is determined by other factors.

These contributions are and ranked 7 and 8 have been strong and highly regarded.These contributions are at number 7 and 8 and were strongly up-counted.

The comments of a contribution can you also evaluated. This then results in the typical hierarchy view of a Reddit post. Click under a post on comments, to view the comments.

A typical comment view on Reddit.A typical comment view on Reddit.

How do I orient myself on Reddit?

If you Reddit opens, you see the top right of the search bar. There you can enter their (usually English) Keywords like computer or Funny. Thereby you associated Reddit categories - the so-called Subreddits - appears. If you have a Reddit account, you can also subscribe to this then, that you may be kept daily up to date what is happening on the topic on Reddit.

In the Reddit search their specific categories can (Subreddits) or display subscribe.In the Reddit search their specific categories can (Subreddits) or display subscribe.

With these basics you should be enough to use Reddit for your interests productively fit. also read what you can do if Reddit is down.


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