Dark Souls 3: reset skill points – Here’s how

Do you have your points distributed in Dark Souls 3 wrong and want to reset your character well, that's not a problem in Hardcore role-playing game. We show you in this guide as you skill points can redistribute to your attributes. However, this is only to a limited extent and also cost you some items.

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Are you unhappy with your heroes in Dark Souls 3, do not have to restart their equal the game. You can your skill points namely simply redistribute at a certain NPC. How this worked well and what conditions must be met for it, we tell you below. With us you find also entry-tips and a guide to Dark Souls third

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Dark Souls 3: reset points and redistribute

to your reset points in Dark Souls 3 you have to a bit in the world have progressed. Specifically, you have in the area Cathedral of the Abyss. Here you've got to up to Rosaria's bedchamber fight his way to talk to Rosaria. It grants you admission to their oath Rosaria's finger. Only then is it possible for you to reallocate your stats.

Speak after entering their oath to her again and selects the option reassign attributes.

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Requirements for redistributing points

Unfortunately, resetting the points is not free. There are the following rules:

  • their points can per innings only 5 times redistribute.
  • In addition, you will cost the process every time &Bleach tongues; 8220&# 8221;. This object be found a few times in the game world and if you kills in the name of Rosaria Eid other players. Here, you will cost the first reset 5 pale tongues.
For the rebirth you need pale tongues every time.For resetting you need pale tongues every time.

Apart from this there are no prerequisites, and you can over the beacon at Rosaria always travel fast to her.

We show you also how their players can invaden in Dark Souls 3 and where you can find all Estus shards.

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