Firefox browser can SSD endurance significantly shorten (solution)

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers for Windows when using an SSD, but could also have a material adverse impact on the lifetime of the flash memory. How to solve the problem, we'll tell you now.

Firefox browser can SSD endurance significantly shorten (solution)

Firefox browser impaired SSD lifetime

SSDs are flash memory, which only have a certain lifetime. Therefore, the manufacturers specify a recommended useful life, which is measured by reference to the data read and write operations and the transferred amount. An SSD so more will be charged, the faster it will also depart this life. If one now uses an SSD as main memory, as is the case in many modern appliances, then you should definitely make sure that no unnecessary read and write accesses are performed. When inconspicuous Firefox browser which unfortunately is probably the case, so that the life of the SSD can be significantly shortened only by the browser's usage.

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The IT specialist Sergei Bobik has found after a long search that Firefox stores a significant amount of data and so naturally also carries an extremely high number of write accesses. Responsible for these data sets is the assurance of the browser that automatically caches every 15 seconds in order to restore such in a crash all browser windows. This may be a really useful feature, but if you consider that this day 10 GB of data are written solely for this function on the SSD, then that is already considerably when you add it on the year and the expected lifetime of an SSD - especially it not only uses the browser, but also access other programs and the Windows operating system on the SSD.

but it also depends on what one opens right in the browser, and how many windows there are in total. A fixed value can therefore call is limited.

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The solution of the problem is quite simple

After Bobik has determined what the problem is exactly, he has found a solution with which the data consumption can be reduced to about 2 GB per day in idle state. But you will need to change the advanced settings of Firefox, so that the browser could therefore offer no more the full functionality, stability, security and speed. but who has an SSD and uses the Firefox browser, you could still use the solution if you do not necessarily need the complete backup of the browser.

The steps are as follows:

  • Open Firefox and type "about: config"
  • Confirm warning with "I am aware of the dangers"
  • In the search type "browser.sessionstore.interval" and double-click the entry
  • There, a default value of 15,000 is registered. This corresponds to 15 seconds. The value is displayed in milliseconds

Firefox browser SSD Security feature

Well it depends on how often you want to perform the backup of the browser. Bobik has set 30 minutes and reached a value of 2 GB per day. So you would have to enter a value of 1.8 million for 30 minutes. but you must be aware of is that the fuse in the worst case does not apply and will be lost in the browser data. In this case it is found astray and the right time. Even five minutes might be too long.

Firefox developers confirmed the problem

Firefox the problem with extremely high wear of SSDs is aware - has confirmed the contribution of Bobik a developer. The problem could not be solved because it requires a complete restructuring of the operation would be necessary, which in turn requires a lot of development work. Whether this will change, you have to wait and see. So you can limit the data usage at least. The procedure is performed of course at your own risk.

Source: servethehome via reddit

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