How to use OpenOffice Justified?

In printed books, he is standard. not in most documents, however. We are talking about justification. In the normal setting an OpenOffice download will start each new text document with the left alignment of the text. During justification of text in a paragraph would be up to the right side edge extending from the left and thereby add variable spacing between words to achieve this effect.

activate the justification with the keyboard in OpenOffice

Advance an explanation of how justified works and how to apply it in OpenOffice. Justify always refers either to the currently selected text or paragraph in which the cursor is located. To align a text in justified text, the whole text must be highlighted.

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If you are in OpenOffice at the end of a block set paragraph and starts a new line, so will this be aligned justified. This behavior and this paragraph property is thus stored in the paragraph end mark.

The block set can be OpenOffice switch anytime at lightning speed with the keyboard. As just explained, the selected text is then always the current paragraph or, if necessary. Switched. But beware: This is not related to selected text within a paragraph. One can not in a paragraph only a few words or aligning one set at block set. In this case, the entire paragraph is always changed!

In order to switch to the keyboard, it uses the Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + B. B can easily remember, because it is justified. Ctrl + L (left justified) and Ctrl + R (right justified) put the text around again. is slightly harder to remember Ctrl + E, which stands for centered text.

activate the justification with the mouse in OpenOffice

Using the mouse, there are paragraph alignment two ways. And as with the keyboard, always the text alignment refers to the current paragraph or selected text.

Either one uses the text above the Symbols of the text alignment, or you can switch to Open Office, a block set with the properties menu that opens onto the click of the right mouse button.

OpenOffice justified with keyboardAmong many other features, each paragraph can be aligned in justified text in OpenOffice

In addition to font size and other properties, the text alignment can be change here.

avoid problems with OpenOffice Justified

Since during justification, the rule applies primarily to distribute the text perfectly between the left and right text limit, which of course makes for different sized spaces between words. That matters little if the average distance is very small. But as the larger is the writing is, the more obvious it.

OpenOffice Justify problemsJustify can act very strange circumstances in OpenOffice

Here there are mainly two methods, deal with it. Usually occurs that if the font is very large. Since a word can be so long before, it does not quite fit into the current line. Then it slides down and suddenly missing from this line of text. Which is filled with white space. In this case, you should reduce the font size. This is quite simply the best method.

Alternatively, one could it with method Two try. That would be the built-in hyphenation. In this case, OpenOffice would try to reach the best possible justification by as much text as possible is in one line. And as words are separated by the separation rules of the German language at the end of the line.

That makes sense in a full sized text. but does not work for very large fonts. For there the last word need not be very long in order to prevent a decent justified. It rich words with only one syllable, such as &# 8220; has&# 8221 ;, hack to the block set in Open Office.

In that case &# 8211; Decrease font!

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