convert MP3: Convert all popular audio formats for free

Although the MP3 format is the most popular audio standard for music today, there are many more formats with advantages and disadvantages. To get an overview of the myriad of programs and tools that can convert your MP3 files, we summarize our experience together in this guide.

Whether you have bet on the wrong audio format in the past at some point in the archive your music collection or slumber individual albums or files in a specific format on the computer &# 8211; Probably comes sometime the day on which you want to convert the file format. But what Converter should use? From free programs such as Free Audio Converter or Free M4a to MP3 Converter on websites like to payment software like dBpowerAMP there are many tools to convert your audio formats.

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Lossless audio formats WAV & Convert FLAC to MP3

Who wants to have no loss of quality, stores music as a lossless audio format like WAV or FLAC. Of course, this takes a lot of space on a hard drive. If you prefer to go can provide sound from his smartphone knows that the growing micro SD cards have eventually reached its limit. To save space, you can read how her WAV to MP3 or can convert MP3 to FLAC our counselors. Of course, the whole thing goes the other way around, the sound, however this does not improve.


Who made on one of the MP3 competitor, has indeed often no problems with the lack of space on the disk, but can its audio files but not always run under each player. Of course you can convert them into MP3 format these lossy audio formats. just read to our guide: Convert WMA to MP3.

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Convert MP4 (M4A) to MP3

itunes mp3 version Create

People who handle Apple devices or iTunes, will also already stumbled over the MP4 format. But if you want to bring into the more common MP3 format his songs from iTunes, does not even need an additional Converter. iTunes lets you your music collection that is just a few steps convert directly to MP3 format, as you can read in our article about it.

convert audio formats via browser

Those who want to install any additional programs and convert a few files may also use the page Here you can a variety of audio formats to MP3, WAV, WMA or OGG. At the bit rate you can between 320 kbit / s, 192 kbit / s, select 128 kbit / s and 96 kbit / s. By uploading and downloading of files, this could of course take some more time.

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