Nippon Nation: Psycho-Pass 2 Review – Pure disappointment

It is the autumn of sequels. While Sword Art Online has shown that it is quite possible to produce a good successor to a successful series, Psycho-Pass proves just the opposite. Here you can now find my review of Psycho-Pass 2nd

Nippon Nation: Psycho-Pass 2 Review - Pure disappointment

Psycho-Pass 2: Seriously?

Psycho-Pass is for me now one of the best anime in the market. The absolute extreme idea of ​​such a world, which is also accepted by the protagonist, although it could do something about it is very novel and left a serious impression. The horror was everywhere and the restriction by the Sibyl system extremely clear, but the people are afraid of too much of change, as they turn away from it or even oppose it. In essence, the series therefore meets exactly the ideology of many people and keeps the company up a mirror to the face, the direction in which they could develop.
I thought that this grandiose story continues in Psycho-Pass 2nd It did not take long before I realized that this is not the case. That the series has only 11 episodes, is somehow already a warning, I think.

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How to successfully runs a series against the wall

Psycho-Pass 2 turns back Akane and her team, but because of the events of Psycho-Pass 1 is missing a critical character. And that's been the first negative point. Akane alone &# 8211; Despite outstanding representation &# 8211; is not able to carry the series and the familiar and new characters are shown too weak that they could fill the empty space. Even the mysterious and sometimes suspicious Togane is not moved enough into the light to take a really major role, although he had a lot of potential to it and should embody the end actually had that role. It so happens that of all the antagonist named Kamui mutates into exciting character and I personally have even noticed that I was his &# 8211; partially grisly &# 8211; could understand behaviors and have even agreed with him on many points. The Sibyl system is far from perfect and should not exist. Those who blindly and firmly adhere to it are wrong and should rebel against &# 8211; ergo I developed from these thought processes out almost an aversion to the &Good; # 8220&# 8221; in the series and looked at me rather on the side of &Evil; # 8220&# 8221 ;.

Although the hunt for Kamui, who is not recognized for some reason the Sibyl System is exciting, but comes close to the real hard to digest stories from the first series in any way. While there is also always scenes that pass its mark on viewers, but they act like the shadow of their antecedents.
Likewise, the presence of non-existent character is absolutely every moment felt and everything that has driven me, the hope is still to see this figure. Had this not been the case, I would have the series probably not have endured to the end. The brief moments when he actually &# 8211; if only imaginary &# 8211; has been released, were for me the highlight of the whole season. Maybe Psycho-Pass 2 is really not bad &# 8211; but not as a continuation of such a grandiose anime. So the new season must constantly be compared to its predecessor; while it is clear that this absolutely does not come even here it. Too bad. A real shame.

akane psycho pass 2Unfortunately Akane can not make it alone to carry the series


If you have loved Psycho-Pass, saving you Psycho-Pass 2. It destroys the overall impression and is just a sad successor who does not come even close to the original by far. You should not have high expectations of Psycho-Pass 2 show, then you will not be disappointed. However, if you're looking for a series in between that you not busy long before it is therefore absolutely right. In itself Psycho-Pass 2 would have been as I said okay &# 8211; but not as a successor of a so extremely good predecessor.

Psycho-Pass 2 has 11 episodes of 24 minutes. The German rights are peppermint anime.

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