Slipknot Mask: importance and where to buy them

Fans of music harder pace likely to have at least one album of Slipknot in the closet. Conveniently located in the hard music, the band stands out above all by their masks of uniformity in the metal and music scene. But why wear Slipknot actually the masks? And you can buy the costumes somewhere?

Live or media appearances without the masks are not imaginable in Band. The costuming is pulled for more than 20 years.


  • The masks and their meanings
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Slipknot masks and their importance

Of course, the Slipknot masks can be sold as a good show and a marketing tool to stand out from the crowd of other bands, like for example in the face painting of "Kiss". However, the band itself writes the individual masks individual meaning to:

  • The masks are a reflection of the feelings and character traits of the individual band members. The band does not always relies only on the same mask, but joined the outfit in the band over 20 years on several occasions. According to Joey Jordison masks grow with each person.
  • "Clown" Shawn Crahan will be about "inside out" project. Crahan has the clown mask already, since he was 14 years old in his own words and is also responsible for ensuring that at all, the band masked go on stage. Already at the first rehearsal of Slipknot history Crahan said to have appeared in his clown outfit.
  • For singer Corey Taylor, the mask is a physical representation of what it is in its interior. With the masked way own voice can be given to these properties. Behind the mask can Taylor be what he wants to be.
  • After the death of the former Slipknot bassist Paul Grey, the mask should be about as Sign of the grief of losing stand.
  • By covering one wants simultaneously put the music in the foreground and not the faces, which are on the instruments or the microphone.
  • The mask of Chris Fehn recalls by its long nose Pinocchio. Fehn should itself be a humorous person.

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More information about the early backgrounds of the band and masks are available in the 2001 appeared band biography &# 8220; Inside the Sickness, Behind the Masks&# 8221; *Slipknot Mask: importance and where to buy them.

Why wear Slipknot Masks?

Early 2016, Corey Taylor and Shawn Crahan expressed in an interview with BBC in detail about the meanings of their own outfits:

Of course, the masks also have the advantage that the band members despite the notoriety of Slipknot more privacy enjoy and have more opportunities undetected to take to the streets. In an earlier interview Taylor said that Slipknot will never be seen without masks on stage. At the same time, he stressed that the band nothing more beautiful is, as it really is. According to his statement the outfits are not just a marketing technical image to provide a respectable show on the stage. Much more lives every single Slipknot member and with the mask.

Buy Slipknot masks

However, without any marketing element it is then not even with a large band like Slipknot. Who wants to show up at the next carnival party or at a future tour as Slipknot band member can buy one of the creative Slipknot masks in the official online store of the band. A shipping is also possible after Germany according to terms of the shop. Alternatively, you can find the option to buy the Slipknot masks directly from Amazon *Slipknot Mask: importance and where to buy them.


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