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In her Likes can dust off and gather followers, high vote which your videos and make you a social media star. Especially at the beginning of the career as "Muser" but this can be quite a challenge. We will help you and show how it quickly gets many Likes, fans and followers. 

Look at the video, what you can do with her everything:


The social media music app makes for some time a sensation on the schoolyards of the Republic. With the app you can turn on you in a few steps clips as you dance to known pop songs and fits to his lips moved. That's funny - it's fun but it was really a big audience. Looking at the charts on, you will quickly discover that the most split clip partly an astronomically high number of Likes (in marked by a heart icon) and followers have. If you ask yourself now: &# 8220; How does it work?&# 8221 ;, should you continue &# 8211; We give you some tips on how you get more likes and followers in - Social Video AppdownloadQR - Social Video AppDeveloper: Inc. *Price: Free

musical.lydownloadQR codemusical.lyDeveloper: musical.lyPrice: Free

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get Likes, fans and followers: &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

First things first: In may everyone become a star and likes and followers dust - and that takes no hidden tricks or any hacks. All you need are a few funny ideas, perseverance and a little patience. Never forget also the two following rules:

  • Copies anyone, be authentic, you yourselves!
  • Let definitely stay away from hacks to give you Likes! (Detailed explanation below)
musically LikesThe two girls Lisa and Lena are among the most popular "Musern". Image: via YouTube

It is not essential that it delivers a perfectly styled and professional music video. convince the most popular videos in by slapstick, a funny idea or a spontaneous idea. Here are some tips as well her get can many followers and fans:

  • Be authentic &# 8211; Consider too long, what you want to post it, but simply catch on with what you just goes through my head.
  • The trick in is to score points with spontaneous ideas: While there is no guarantee that your order will definitely get followers &# 8211; On the other hand, the most successful and best-known Muser make otherwise. So it could very well be that your new video shoots quickly to the top of the charts.
  • Posting a lot of videos and clips &# 8211; The more clips released her, the more viewers you will get and the higher is the chance that you'll get a lot of likes and followers.
  • Successful Muser post regularly new clips, which is also not difficult, since the videos are only a few seconds.
  • If you like a clip of someone else behind, let your own Like &# 8211; thus the person is aware of you and will perhaps thanks in return and also liken you.
  • Do not take the matter too seriously &# 8211; ultimately is just a fun app. So you should not come out to try to get as many likes and followers as possible to the devil. Acting uptight, uncool and guarantees you bring a single follower. Just makes your thing and see how that develops the whole.

These tricks should you dominate with in any case:

  • stream live online on &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s
  • edit video with effects &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s
  • make duet &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s (manual)

Other suggestions it gets here in the YouTube clip with the most popular guys on Likes and fans get with challenges

Another good trick to be known quickly in are that challenges. These challenges are marked with a special hash tag, e.g. #HeyNowChallenge: The aim is to publish on a given theme own video. The trick: The challenges have always many spectators &# 8211; if you post a funny video to a particular challenge, so you can reach and collect potential likes and fans in a short time many viewers. If you ranhaltet you and are really good, you might even get a crown next to the profile picture.

Muscically bannerImage:
  • On the home page of can be found at recommended very often videos on specific challenges: tap on the hashtag and then in the next window at the most popular: Here you can see which videos are currently in demand.
  • In the Search window you also find an overview of the ongoing challenges &# 8211; typing this, click the magnifying glass icon at the bottom.
  • In the next window you can see the different hash tags on individual challenges: Seek out a challenge to get out that you like and consider you if you do not perhaps have a cool idea for a clip.
  • Under endear you can find all videos that are currently in demand &# 8211; here you can get you some ideas and inspiration for your own videos.
Muscically challengesTake part in the challenges in to reach many viewers in a short time.

get likes and followers with Hack: &# 8211; Caution trap!

On the web are also numerous sites where you can download more followers in ye find a hack now. Of this you should leave in any case, the finger!

  • Behind these pages rogue providers and online predators hiding in almost all cases.
  • If you 'downloads these programs, you risk that your smartphone with viruses, Trojans and other dangerous malware is contaminated and, in the worst case, may no longer works.
  • , You will no longer come out subscription traps, with which you unknowingly enters into an expensive mobile phone or SMS subscription from so easily: Also, very popular with the fraudsters.
  • Since these programs also experience not work, then: Stay away from hacks! Likes and Followers gets her if you are honest and scores with witty videos &# 8211; and not with dubious hacks.

but their uses prefer Snapchat? Look at us, how can you swap faces with the new feature Face Swap.

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