LIDL Connect: number portability – is how it works & amp; these are the costs

Lidl Connect you have, as with other mobile operators and the possibility to take the phone number of your old network provider. This is neither complicated nor expensive and saves you a lot of effort and ensures your usual accessibility. Here you read how the number portability at LIDL Connect works.

7341How can I take my phone number?

Basically, you have two options to launch a number portability:

  1. Immediate or premature number portabilityThat would be the way, if your old contract is still valid, but you have the number with LIDL Connect *LIDL Connect: number portability - is how it works & amp; these are the costs want to use.
  2. Number portability for end / termination of the contract: Here, the number will be taken to the end of the old contract.

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1 Premature number portability to LIDL Connect

  • Is only possible to 123 days before the termination date.
  • You have to specifically tell your old provider that you want to take your phone number from the current contract prematurely before the occurrence of the termination date.
  • Do you do this is not explicitly clear, the number portability is activated only after the termination date.
  • Your old contract is not thereby suddenly without number, but you'll get from the manufacturer a new number.

for number porting, there are 25 euros bonus of lidl*LIDL Connect: number portability - is how it works & amp; these are the costs2 Number Portability end of the contract

  • Upon termination of your old contract you give that a number portability to the new provider is desired.
  • Writes in the notice expressly states that it also want a written confirmation &# 8211; of course, about the termination, but also about the number portability.
  • You can number portability even after the termination or end of the contract apply (time: 90 days).

Please note: successful number portability to LIDL Connect!

  • Before you can apply for the taking along your old phone number, you must purchase a LIDL Connect SIM card *LIDL Connect: number portability - is how it works & amp; these are the costs. This map initially has a different number and with this you've got to at LIDL Connect login or register an account. Only after this registration you can apply for the entrainment of the number.
  • LIDL Connect provides you an application for Number Portability as a PDF online. This request must fill out and send it to the address or fax it to the number provided. In this application an explanation is again that integrates service of your old provider have announced the intention of number portability.
  • Once the application is received, will LIDL Connect contact with your former provider in contact and a few days later you get the appointment sent to when your old number ported, so taken, can be. This process may take a little longer &# 8211; up to two weeks. Once porting is complete, you are to achieve at LIDL Connect on your old phone number.

lidl-connect starter package-all-net flat - 1*LIDL Connect: number portability - is how it works & amp; these are the costsFees and Co.

For the number transfer fees you will have to pay to your old provider, usually something between 25 € and 30 €. but currently you pay LIDL an extra bonus of 25 € that you turn your phone number mitnehmt. The 25 € will be credited to your account as a bonus balance as soon as the port was completed successfully.

It is important that the port runs only successful if the customer data the old provider are the same as those who have deposited their LIDL Connect.

For the provision of LIDL Connect*

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