Dead Rising 3: Details of co-op

Capcom now announced official details for co-op mode in Dead Rising. 3 Together with a friend you can then metzeln you through the zombie hordes.

Dead Rising 3: Details of co-op

The operation of some vehicles will benefit, among others, from the co-op aspect. Thus, the second player can fire for example, while the other is a way paves by the masses. Also, you can go out and explore the world alone theoretically separated so that you are not bound to each other and learn absolute game freedoms. What is, however, not necessarily meaning a cooperative mode.

Also, it hardly plays a major role, at which point you or your friend is in single-player mode. Should you have only the first chapter completed, your friend but Chapter 3 on, you is Chapter 4 in co-op mode.
If you then play alone and completed the intermediate level, you are offered the opportunity to skip Chapter 4 if you have actually finished with your partner there. So you are not forced to level several times to play.

Dead Rising 3 will probably appear for the launch of Xbox One on November 22, 2013.

Source: Joystiq


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