Laugh: Spells – the best quotes for Facebook, WhatsApp & amp; Co.

Laughter: One thing that is too often forgotten, even though it is so vital. You know this: Often bad mood is quickly passed when one is made to smile or someone infects you with good humor. Here you can find about laughter sayings that ideal to share via Facebook, WhatsApp & Co. are suitable.

In our video you will find the best famous quotes:
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Laugh: Spells - our favorites

A smile is the shortest distance between two people.
(Victor Borge)

Every day when you do not smile, is a lost day.
(Charlie Chaplin)

What is the sunshine for the flowers, which are smiling faces for people.
(Joseph Addison)

laughing&8217; about things, then you hold them.
(Hugo Egon Balder)

He who laughs a lot and a lot of crying, is very old.

Laugh it takes getting a little spirit; the animal does not laugh.
(Gottfried Keller)

Laughter and smiles are gate and gate, can enter scurrying through a lot of good in people.
(Christian Morgenstern)

Comedy arises when one looks tragedies while zukneift an eye.
(Eugène Ionesco)

Smile is the most elegant way to show his opponents teeth.
(Werner Finck)

Laughter is a power before which the biggest in the world must bow.
(Emile Zola)

Who can sing and laugh, which frightened his misfortune.

One must laugh before one is happy because you might die otherwise without having laughed. (Jean de la Bruyère)

Laugh Proverbs - Facebook

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Laugh: Spells - more Favorites

Who smiles rather than bluster, is the stronger.

Let yes laugh a lot the children, otherwise they are angry at the age! Children who laugh a lot, fighting on the side of the angels.
(Hrabanus Maurus)

The more a man of the whole seriousness is capable of more heartily he can laugh.
(Arthur Schopenhauer)

A friendly smile is worth more than a good meal.
Who can laugh, where he could have cried, gets back desire to life.
(Werner Finck)

Each laughter increased happiness on earth.
(Jonathan Swift)

Laughter is an exercise of great value to health.

to be ridiculed from the bad is almost a compliment.
(Erasmus von Rotterdam)

He who laughs at the expense of others, makes debt.

In his laughter of the key with which we decipher the whole man is.
(Thomas Carlyle)

Who does not laugh, which is still only half human.
(Ernst Raupach)

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
(Mahatma Gandhi)

Laugh Proverbs - Quotes

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