Xenoblade Chronicles X: Tips and Tricks for Beginners – Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles X is not exactly the most accessible game for beginners, because you will be confronted from the start with many different gameplay systems. With our Xenoblade Chronicles-X tips and tricks for beginners we will help you to master the difficult start and guide you through the first few hours of open-world role-playing game.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X: Tips and tricks for beginners &# 8211; General

Unlike most modern games Xenoblade Chronicles X consciously focuses on Complexity: While want to simplify many of today's games and the players bring an immediate sense of achievement, you have to invest some of time to really understand all facets of the game in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Most gameplay systems are not necessarily that difficult to understand &# 8211; there are just so many of them that it feels a little at the beginning slain, especially if you do not know the unofficial Wii predecessor Xenoblade Chronicles.

Xenoblade Chronicles X WorldXenoblade Chronicles X is vast, complex, beautifully &# 8211; and unfortunately not very accessible.
  • First, therefore, it is best simply to follow the main story. In total there are 12 story missions &# 8211; the first chapter of the game act as a sort of tutorial where you explain the essential systems.
  • From Chapter 3 you can start making yourselves on fact-finding trips to Mira. (E.g. explored 15% of the continent) can be to have to unlock subsequent story missions certain conditions are met &# 8211; Therefore, you should from this time not just blindly follow the story, but to explore as much of Mira.
  • If you follow only story, your level is much too low also to stand against the challenging bosses that you encounter during the game.
  • The World explores her best by you accept (either NPCs or at BLADE terminal) one of the numerous side missions.
  • Known from the preview video &# 8220; Skells&# 8221; should you first completely forgotten. The flying combat robots will be released until much later, if you have a solid understanding of the gameplay.
  • As you unlock the Skells, you read here: Unlock Skell license: Xenoblade Chronicles X &# 8211; Skells received.
  • If you do not understand a certain aspect of the game, you should also from time to time in the in-game manual look. In other games you can ignore the instructions safely &# 8211; Xenoblade Chronicles X assumes that you are incorporated you active in the game.
  • The combat system of Xenoblade Chronicles X is so complex that we explain it to you in a separate guide.
  • All information to be found in this article: Xenoblade Chronicles X: Combat system explained &# 8211; Techniques, battle cries, talents.
  • Tips and tricks to level up and the different classes can be found here: Xenoblade Chronicles X: First Class Guide &# 8211; increase level BLADE level, change class
  • Read also with us, as you can shorten the loading times in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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Now if that sounds like too much work: Yes, the entry into Xenoblade Chronicles X is not very easy. When it eventually but &Click; # 8220&# 8221; makes, you will be grateful for the many options offered you the role play. Other games are relatively quick to predict because the gameplay offers only limited possibilities &# 8211; in Xenoblade Chronicles X you will always discover some new facets that help you have to build the ultimate monster-battle team even after 50 hours.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X: Exploration of Mira &# 8211; Tips and Tricks

Xenoblade Chronicles X offers you a completely open world &# 8211; you can relatively quickly roam all five continents of Mira free and browse every corner of the alien planet. That should do also, as you get experience points not only for successfully completed fights, but also for discovering new places. The following tips will help you with orientation.

Xenoblade Chronicles X ObliviaYou can explore all the continents of Mira relatively quickly &# 8211; stronger opponent but should you go out of the way.
  • The levels of the monsters will not automatically increase in proportion to your level. Already in the first region Primordia you meet besides the usual stage-1 cattle on huge dinosaurs, giant monkeys and other monsters that are far superior to you.
  • Most monsters ignore you but &# 8211; So her she must not attack force. In general, it is recommended that at the beginning, always attacking monsters, on the same or a lower level than you are yourself.
  • With experience, you can also attack higher level monsters &# 8211; but ensures that the opponents level is not too far above your. For a Level-55 brachiosaurs ye with a beginner team e.g. no chance.
  • In general, the greater the enemy, the more dangerous they are mostly too. The respective level of the monster is also always displayed so that you can estimate how good are your chances.
  • Monsters that attack you, recognizes a red flash icon and an eye icon next to the Monster. Items marked with a flash opponents react to noise, with eye marked accordingly on sight. Do not come too close or these opponents sneaking you past them.
  • Sometimes you have as part of side quests in areas with opponents who are much stronger than yourself: in this case you've got to sneak, which generally but quite possible most.
  • also pays attention to the time of day: Some opponents are nocturnal, while others are also on the day of the move, but do not attack you on then.
  • If you realize that an opponent is too strong should, you swallow your pride and run away. Pushes to the B button to exit the battle menu and take your legs in the hand
  • In general, you should but not avoid too many fights, because your level is usually too low for the story missions.
Xenoblade Chronicles X World BannerSome venues may be explored until later when you flits with a Skell through the air.

use fast travel in Xenoblade Chronicles X

Practical: You do not necessarily all distances on foot to cover, but you can use a quick travel feature. serve as Wegreisepunkte data probes that you placed at specific points in the world and thus the Frontier NAV network expands &# 8211; each data probe increases the rate at which Mira is explored.

  • you always see on the mini-map on the basis of green data node icons, in what area of ​​the world can place their probe.
  • In the world you recognize the points at a red light column.
  • Many points are freely accessible, but some are well hidden, e.g. in caves or on inaccessible mountain tops.
  • To achieve these points should make their generous use of the jump key: Unlike many other open-world games, the world of Xenoblade Chronicles X is really completely freely accessible &# 8211; you can reach places that seem inaccessible at first glance.
  • Per region, there are two &# 8211; 3 nodes that you can achieve with the flight capabilities of a Skells &# 8211; So until much later.
  • To travel quickly to Headquarters New Los Angeles, you choose NLA on the minimap, searches the appropriate district you out and taps on either specially labeled landmarks, such as Blade headquarters.
Xenoblade Chronicles X Frontier NAVOn the mini-map it expands the frontier NAV network by their data probes rearming and degrades valuable raw materials and minerals.

but the data probes serve not only as fast travel points, but can also be upgraded for research or production wells with whom you extra money or commodity Miranium get. With money you buy you new equipment, Miranium needed her for some side quests and also can invest it, which then build you better weapons and armor in one of several defense contractors from New Los Angeles.

  • You gain the ability to upgrade after her story mission have completed 3 &# 8211; speak to the NPC Kristy, who is present in Chapter 3 the administration building. You get from her a mission in which are explained in detail to you the various probes.
  • During installation of probes you should be careful upgrade adjacent nodes with the same types of probes: This increases the efficiency and you will receive a bonus on the funded Miranium or the money.
  • New probes will receive their reward for jobs or find them in the game world. therefore ye can not buy.
  • The but probes can be changed arbitrarily, since they are not used up after installation &# 8211; for installation but you have to pay a small amount of money.
Xenoblade Chronicles X New Los AngelesMany quests be found by you explore every corner of New Los Angeles.

For more useful tips for exploring Mira

  • Take the time to explore as much of Mira &# 8211; Xenoblade Chronicles X is a game that should concern her slowly.
  • Consider your environment: Most monsters stick to a fixed location on &# 8211; but there are very powerful Boss opponents (tyrant) who roam the game world freely. Goes these monsters getting started in any case out of the way.
  • also pays attention to the weather, if it rains, lightning attacks are stronger, with sandstorms visibility is reduced and your ranged attacks are not as effective.
  • Collect as many as possible of the blue collection items on that you find everywhere &# 8211; these items you need for completing quests or can sell them for money.
  • Also, you can it in &Kollektikon; # 8220&# 8221; register (accessed via the start menu) and thereby special rewards, e.g. Unlock training points.
  • In the world of Xenoblade Chronicles X can be found from time to time special finds, for example, Debris or alien relics &# 8211; on the mini-map they will be marked with a yellow dot.
  • To investigate these objects you need the appropriate BLADE level in mechanics, archeology and biology &# 8211; the BLADE-level rises by completing missions and quests.
  • To increase the skills you talk to Eleonora, who stays next to the BLADE terminal in the administrative district of New Los Angeles.
  • invested at the beginning as many points as possible in mechanics, because you will need this skill for putting up probes.
  • Many missions will get it by you explore New Los Angeles and talk to the NPCs &# 8211; NPS important that give you missions, you realize are at a red question mark over the NPC these missions Not BLADE displayed at the terminal.
  • Some supporting characters in the NLA can be included in your group &# 8211; You can find the exact place where you meet them as Mark on the mini map.
  • On BLADE terminal you can get you side missions in which you as must find a certain number of collection items. You may take up to 20 of these missions and can pursue even during a main quest.
  • Get your best right every 20 side missions &# 8211; the collecting quests done her e.g. most of the way, if you are in the world anyway go.

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