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Let's face it: The release of Battlefield 4 was powerful in pants. Technical problems, a network code from hell, and some errors in communication between publisher EA developer DICE and the BF community. But that was long ago. Meanwhile the fifth DLC map pack "Final Stand" for Battlefield 4 has already been published and most problems were actually eliminated. Who has a Battlefield 4 Premium Membership or the DLCs have selectively bought in a single package that can access these days to a very extensive and tactically comparatively challenging multiplayer shooter that delivers thrilling battles churning and has a clean technology. Battlefield 4 has already been released for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and for PS4 and Playstation third Only the PC and next-gen versions matches with up to 64 players under protection. 

Before this the impression that Battlefield 4 shut up and matured in secret to a perfect multiplayer shooter: This is not like that. So the DLC map pack "Final Stand" Although a nice reminder of the good Battlefield 2142 times more than a few sound cards and visual refreshments must with its futuristic approaches you but unfortunately not expect from the DLC with winter theme.

5378Battlefield 4: Final Stand - Official Gameplay Trailer

Extensions such as the Hoer-tanks, the bow and the railgun are all quite nice meant new dynamics have been raised in the matches by but hardly any. That DICE not know how to spell a good DLC, the Swedes have shown this with the successful "Naval Strike." Thus, the BF-driving has been revived by the new mode carrier attack briefly properly.

Anyone Battlefield 4 would buy only now, should think seriously despite the generally rather mixed DLC levy a Battlefield 4 Premium Membership. This includes all previously released digital extensions (Battlefield 4: China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, Dragon&# 8217; s Teeth and Final Stand) and exclusive customization options. The price is 49, 90 euros.

Anyone Battlefield 4 would buy for the PC, should it keep necessarily the system requirements in mind, as the technology backbone of the multiplayer shooter on the new Frostbite Engine 3-based and requires quite a bit with realistic destruction and elaborate weather effects on performance.

Battlefield4 Premium Final Stand PS4-1

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