iTunes Error -54: So you fix the problem

The iTunes Error -54 occurs in some owners of an iPhone or an iPod if they want to synchronize their device with the iTunes library. We explain what the problem is and how you fix the problem

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iTunes Error -54: What is the problem?

The iTunes Error 54 is a failure of the mostly occurs when you want to synchronize his Apple device with the iTunes music library. Instead of the successful connection the error message Unknown error -54 displayed.

  • Cause is usually a problem with the access rights.
  • Any or all files in a particular folder iTunes library are not equipped with full access &# 8211; iTunes can therefore not access the appropriate folder and outputs the error message.
  • Sometimes the error even when downloading content from iTunes occurs &# 8211; in this case it is a temporary error.

In the next section we show you how to fix the error. For more information about similar issues can be found here: This is how iTunes Error connecting to an iPhone have it removed. We also show you also how you get your iTunes library can outsource to an SD card.

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Fix iTunes Error -54 &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

If the error occurs in connection with the downloading of content, enough to restart the computer &# 8211; normally works next time everything as usual. Restart the computer, you should also, if there are problems with syncing &# 8211; in many cases it comes back next time. the error persists, you can do the following:

Error downloading

  • includes iTunes
  • Navigate in your user folder to the path Music / iTunes / iTunes Media / Downloads.
  • Here erases the folder with the failed download.

Sync error

  1. Start iTunes and click the top left of the tab file.
  2. Click then on the submenu library and the option selected exporting library.
  3. Saves the file on the desktop, includes iTunes, and then navigate to C: \ Users \ IhrBenutzer \ Music \ iTunes.
  4. Here delete the iTunes Music Library file and replaces the file with the just saved on the desktop.
  5. Launch iTunes again and import the file (again via File>Media Library).


Set access rights

If there are still problems, you should check the access rights of the iTunes folder. so goes&# 8217; s in Windows:

  1. Navigate to the folder C: \ Users \ IhrBenutzer \ Music.
  2. Click the iTunes folder with the right mouse button and select Properties option.
  3. Changes to the Security tab and click the Advanced button (bottom right).
  4. She now leads directly to the permissions menu. Click here on the button to change permissions.
  5. Selected from the list your user account.
  6. Ensures that your access authorization is set to Full Control &# 8211; is not the case you change them accordingly.
  7. Finally, it is still a checkmark next to the command all permissions on child objects replace inheritable permissions from this object.

That you will ensure that all sub-folders in the iTunes folder to be provided with the proper authorization. once again confirmed with OK &# 8211; then their iTunes restarts. Also read and what you do in iTunes Error -50 and you can as you resolve the iTunes Error 3194th

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