After the death of Homer’s voice actor: What happens next with the Simpsons?

Homer Simpson without the voice of Norbert Gastell? That sounds as impossible as the yellow simpleton without Duff Beer or on a diet. Nevertheless, we have to get used to the death of 86 years old speaker at these sad thoughts. As with the &# 8220; Simpsons&# 8221; going on in Germany, learn it from us. 

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1991 said the German actor Norbert Gastell as a dubbing the first words for &# 8220; The Simpsons&# 8221; and proved to be unexpected stroke of luck. The original of speaker Dan Castellaneta ajar primarily as infantile idiot head of the yellow tribe from Springfield became for us the absolute audience favorite and was enriched by his distinctive voice to some facets than the original version.

Born in 1929 Actor Norbert Gastell found in Homer Simpson the role of his life and spoke to him without interruption until his death. The gap he leaves, must now be filled by those in charge of Pro7 &# 8211; no easy task.

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Who was the German Homer Simpson Norbert Castell?

Norbert Castell was born in 1929 in Argentina and began his acting career in the early 1950s. Even if he like over the years had recurring roles in popular TV formats &# 8220; Sokolov Forsthaus&# 8221; or Diether Krebs&8217; &# 8220; Sketch Up&# 8221; had he celebrated since the 1960s, his greatest success behind the microphone and built his career as a voice actor from.

Then in 1991, ran &# 8220; The Simpsons&# 8221; for the first time on German television and the then 62 years old Norbert Gastell became the favorite of many generations from the screen. No one said so beautiful &# 8220; No!&# 8221; or &Power; # 8220&# 8217; s right, you idiot!&# 8221 ;, nobody could be happy exuberant and carefree about anarchy and nonsense like Homer Simpson &# 8211; with the voice of Norbert Gastell. This is now silenced forever, hundreds of &# 8220; Simpsons&# 8221; -Follow but remain forever associated with the exception spokesman, who died last year at the age of 86 years.

Norbert Gastell, the German voice of Homer SimpsonNorbert Gastell, the German voice of Homer Simpson. Here as an actor in the series &# 8220; Sokolov Forsthaus&# 8221; © Universum Film

What happens now with the Simpsons in Germany next?

Already once had German fans &# 8220; Simpsons&# 8221; accept a serious change. In 2006 died Elisabeth Volkmann the first voice of Marge and many fans could not imagine being able to do without the wonderful nagging and very distinctive voice of Homer's wife herself. After three months, those in charge of Pro7 presented with Anke Engelke a prominent successor &# 8211; was gemosert time by the public yet.

The entertainer has made things right with her new commitment. She has not even tried to emulate its predecessor, but focused more on the English original. Meanwhile, all the fans will &# 8220; Simpsons&# 8221; have found their peace with Marge and their current voice. Although it is much more difficult for the successor to Norbert Castell, it is clearly recommended him to do the same woman Engelke and imitate not miss the old voice of Homer &# 8211; such a project can only fail.

in the August 2016 launches the 27th season of the &# 8220; Simpsons&# 8221; on Pro7. At least then we will hear the new voice of Homer, because for this season Norbert Castell could definitely synchronize no consequence. It is therefore to be assumed that even a successor was found, which has already started its work. But the transmitter stays in the moment still covered. So we have to wait another month to us until this mystery is revealed.

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William Cohn is the new voice of Homer Simpson?

With Jan-Böhmermann Announcer William Cohn has already proposed a not uninteresting times successor candidate via Twitter by user zatrix23.

Whether the sweater carrier actually comes into the closer selection, though is still questionable at this time, here you can check out but a taste of the distinctive Lord give:

Now ye are in line. Who should be Homer's new voice? We look forward to your thoughts in the comments!

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