The best Joker Quotes: From Heath Ledger to Jack Nicholson

The best Joker Quotes: From Heath Ledger to Jack Nicholson

Marek Bangon 17/12/2015 at 17:53

March 2016 Batman meets Superman and so we look forward to the duel, it is the character of the Joker, the most charm in films like  &# 8220; The Dark Knight Rises&# 8221; accounts. We have therefore concerns us more closely with the iconic criminals and present you the best Joker Quotes Quotes from over 25 years of cinema history. Have fun with the quotes of mistaken Joker!

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The best Joker quotes

Whether in Christopher Nolans  new edition &# 8220; Batman Begins&# 8221; and the iconic appearance of Heath ledger in &# 8220; The Dark Knight&# 8221; or in Tim Burtons very first order &# 8220; Batman&# 8221; film of the late 1980s &# 8211; was a highlight of the tireless franchise and is the figure of the Joker. Therefore we want to present 15 of his best and most iconic quotations you today. We take into account all his previous screen credits and can accordingly play icon Jack Nicholson to speak.

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The figure of the Joker has been around a long time and Batman's nemesis was even donated an appearance in the very first Batman comic of the 1940th As early as 1966, the first comic book movie was entitled &# 8220; Batman keeps the world in suspense&# 8221; and they came up with the charismatic villain. In the iconic role of the Joker, the actor then slipped Cesar Romero, who embodied the figure in the subsequent series. That Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson then in 1989 took over the role of the Joker makes clear once again the significant importance of the Joker to date in franchise has held.

In this sense, we let the Joker in the following Bilderstrecke his best quotes speak for themselves and hope you enjoy the best of his sayings!

More movie quotes can be found in the following list. Of course, the eponymous hero should not be neglected and therefore we have the best Batman quotes also picked out for you.

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