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If you no longer needs the social network Pinterest, you can delete your Pinterest account. But this is not so simple. We show short and kapp as you your Pinterest account can permanently delete.

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5506What`s Pinterest

On Pinterest her your interests can attach on a virtual whiteboard. therefore, &# 8220; Share&# 8221 ;, a boot word from &Pin; # 8220&# 8221; (Pinning) and &Interest; # 8220&# 8221; (Interest). Who has enough of his and other bulletin boards can also try to quench his Pinterst account.

Pinterest account Delete - is that possible?

Danger: Share actually offers no option to delete your account, but only a deactivation. Then your profile and pins are hidden, but not deleted. We recommend you before making your personal information in the preferences useless and meaningless placeholders as &# 8220; Account Delete&# 8221; to replace. Also, remove her your pins and attached images should etc..

However, there is a feature that comes of deleting the next. Below you can see how it uses them.

Share: delete / deactivate account - instructions

So you can delete your Pinterest account or disable:

  1. Login you an on Pinterest.
  2. Click the top right of your username and including then selects the gear icon.
  3. Click Edit Settings and select the left menu item Understanding Account, if not already done.

    Share Settings: Here you will find the button & quot; disable account & quot ;.Share Settings: Here you will find the button &# 8220; disable account&# 8221 ;.

  4. Scroll down. In addition to the lettering account you click on the button disable account.
  5. Now you can also enter a reason you want your account to disable. Otherwise selects from Others.

    Share: Select to close the account if you want to delete it.Share: Select to close the account if you want to delete it.

  6. Now Pinterest offers down to two options:
    • finally close my account: This can no longer enable her your Pinterest account. You get a link to your e-mail address sent to the you have to confirm the operation. This function is equal to the delete function.
    • Deactivate my account: Your account is disabled. Once you sign on Pinterest again, you get sent an activation link to your e-mail address, you must confirm to activate your account again.
  7. So finally close click on My Account, if you will not go back.

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