digitize cassettes: So is an MP3 file from the MC

Who is stumbled again over the old cassette box in the basement, perhaps wonders if you can not get rid of their earthly plastic bag the valuable recordings. As you can digitize your tapes, we show you in this guide.

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The old MCs (MusiCassette) to digitize not apparent for every sense. Often the quality of old cassettes can not keep up with records or CDs. Since many have utilized the available compact cassettes for recording performances &# 8211; had their own sound recordings, live recordings or the mixtape for your sweetheart &# 8211; one way or another audio track can be a quite nice or even important keepsake.

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digitize cassette &# 8211; What you need to

To digitize your cassette is not much needed. The following items and programs are needed:

  • kassetten_hüllenCassette player (+ deck receiver, compact system, Walkman) with jack or RCA output.
  • PC or laptop with microphone port or sound card with RCA In.
  • Matching jack or RCA cable or adapter *digitize cassettes: So is an MP3 file from the MC.
  • Audio recording program (eg. Audacity).
  • And of course the cassette box&# 8230;

digital cassettes iseren &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s (Audacity)

To lift the cassette into the digital age, we use the free software Audacity, which can you use on Windows, Linux and OS X in this example. To digitize your cassette is doing as follows:

  1. Invite you download and install Audacity audio editor on your computer.
  2. Plug in your cassette player either directly to the microphone input (jack) on your computer (or via the RCA In your sound card).
  3. Starts Audacity and selects the microphone menu, select the input that you have connected the player about that.
    Tapes Digitizer Audacity
  4. Now you have to press only on the big red Rec button or the R button to start recording.
  5. Once recording begins, you have to press the play button on your cassette player to start the tape.


As long as the cassette is playing, you need nothing more to do. The finished recording can save it in different file formats, with the right codec as MP3.

If you have idle at the beginning or end or will divide the recording into individual pieces, we also have a beginners guide for cutting & Move with Audacity. In addition, you can use Audacity also plenty of effects and post processing queue, we also explain how you can remove annoying noise in your recording with Audacity.

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