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The VLC Media Player is open and very versatile in all directions. Not only that, he can handle any common sound or film format pretty much, he gives them also from all possible sources again. Thus, should the VLC Media Player Download are considered to be all-round player. but is especially interesting precisely also that VLC can play a network stream and this applies not only to music and movies in your own network, but also from the Internet &# 8211; such as. Youtube.

So that works out, it really must of course be a stream. Many Internet radio stations offer such a stream and corresponding addresses are then, for example,

Play a network stream from Youtube with VLC Media Player

What little is known and perhaps surprising to some: YouTube video pages contain a network stream and VLC Media Player can evaluate these and play. For this it is only necessary to copy the Youtube address from the browser to the appropriate menu of VLC and even the video is freed from the whole rest of the web and play in VLC Media Player as a network stream. This is worthwhile, among other things, if you have found there a movie in HD quality and want to watch him undisturbed.

VLC Media Player Network Stream |

The VLC Media Player plays the network stream even directly from Youtube from

With VLC Media Player shortcut Ctrl-N we come directly to the correct menu. Optionally, it also goes through the main menu: &Media; # 8220 &# 8211; Open Network Stream&# 8221;. In the window that we have to do nothing else than entering the address of the stream. Examples of such stream options are already displayed in the window.

To open a Youtube stream ranges as address the website address of the film. By the way, but the same locks as the website also apply to the VLC Media Player network stream from Youtube: What the Vidoehoster locks there (with an alleged GEMA Note), we get not to be seen in VLC.

Play Internet radio in VLC Media Player as a network stream

Hardly overlook is the number of radio stations that the Internet &# 8220; send&# 8221 ;. Each terrestrial transmitters, so each transmitter, we can also receive a regular radio, has a stream on the Internet. But beyond that, there is a not to be counted amount of &# 8220; transmitters&# 8221 ;, disseminate their programming exclusively over the Internet. As a result, we will indeed benefit from stations that we could receive in life with a radio never, but at the same time it is extremely difficult to find favorite radio stations in the crowd.

VLC Media Player network stream Internet Radio |

VLC Media Player you can open the network stream radio stations directly

But that we ever find a suitable network stream for the VLC Media Player, we need to move into the world of Internet radio. A good first port of call are the websites of our &# 8220; normal&# 8221; Favorite stations. There such a stream addresses can be found in the rule. But there are also international directories in which such radio stations are listed and sorted by genre or even thankfully countries. However, many of these directories are interested in the first place that you stay on your web pages and viewing ads. Thus, one should prefer those that actually reveal the stream addresses.

A Google search for &Internet Radio Stream, 8220&# 8221; brings first results. But here you will find that as such collections as Shoutcast sure those are not what we are looking for. Instead of a direct stream address we get here an internal link, and then we are asked by the browser what we want to do with a file called TuneIn station.pls.

Then it is convenient that there is in this question dialogue is also the possibility to choose with which program we want to open the file. Instead of downloading, we simply choose here the VLC Media Player to play the network stream from the Internet. Alternatively we can, incidentally, actually download the file and open it with any editor. This includes namely the address of the real streams.

save the VLC Media Player Stream

Incidentally, it is also possible to store such a stream, to listen to it later. For this you have somewhat deeper into the settings. First you call, as usual, the input window for the network stream in VLC Media Player on. Instead of &# 8220; Play&# 8221; However one chooses bottom &# 8220; Stream&# 8221; (Alt-S). In the next window we must specify the destination and stay with there &# 8220; file&# 8221 ;. However, we still need to click the button &Adding; # 8220&# 8221; Click to enter the name and location of the file. Now want to take up the stream in VLC Media Player, we need to decide yet for a format. VLC can play everything that can accommodate it. In this respect it is probably no matter what you choose. One should adjust the format of the stream itself. But you can also simply extract the soundtrack of a movie by choosing times as a target MP3. Finally, we can press the button below.

But here we go not immediately. Back in the program interface, we still have under &# 8220; view&# 8221; the &# 8220; Advanced Control&# 8221; activate. Then we see the normal control elements, among others a red button, with which we can start recording. Now we start the stream, then the recording and then we can save the entire stream. Recording continues until we press the button again. Only then the target file is finally produced.

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