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Now it is time! The GTA 5 release for the next-gen is done. Here, Rockstar may have once again exceeded itself, but a year later published version for PS4 and Xbox One not just a vile port. Now it just is: waiting for the PC version of GTA. 5

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Before we look at the recent information on GTA 5 devote, we look at the people responsible for this game Behemoth closer to: the development studio Rockstar Games video game is considered among connoisseurs as a legend, as a veritable hit factory, as a quality guarantee. Many high-profile titles, the Americans have already in their portfolio. Including games like &# 8220; Bell &# 8211; the lap of honor&# 8221 ;, &Midnight Club; # 8220&# 8221; or the Epic &# 8220; Red Dead Redemption&# 8220 ;. But even these examples of great entertainment software pale in comparison to rock stars mega-franchise: &# 8220; Grand Theft Auto&# 8221; &# 8211; whether skeptics can convince 5 demo with a GTA, but is still in the stars.

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GTA 5: Los Santos, we come

GTA is actually almost synonymous with outstanding mission design, big playful freedom, lots of chaos and force of arms, and of course fierce controversy. We remember the &# 8216; hot coffee&# 8216; debacle of GTA: San Andreas. Last appeared GTA 4 &# 8211; even before the Action Game unprecedented hype and anticipation generated by the fans until eventually everyone and knew his neighbor from the publication.

That Part 4 of the hit series went millions over the counter, really does not need to be mentioned. Each GTA Rockstar Games raises the bar and the gaming community wonders: how they want to offer this service? GTA 5 has, however, which overcomes with ease.

GTA 5 - Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Three protagonists are in GTA 5 &# 8211; a first for the series and a risky but rewarding step for the developers.

Michael, Trevor and Franklin - these are the three anti-heroes who can play their turn. In the game it will be possible to change almost any time between the protagonists - only in the missions you are attached to a character, unless the contract provides for a team play. Through a simple menu you can choose one of three characters and take on their role.

GTA 5: Three .... friends you shall be. Franklin, Michael and TrevorGTA 5: Three &# 8230; .Friends you shall be. Franklin, Michael and Trevor

The three characters are very different here: Michael is an ex-criminal and family man who was actually already gotten out of the business and in a beautiful house lives in one of the best areas of the city. Trevor, however, lives in a trailer in the desert area of ​​the game world and does not really mentally stable impression.

Franklin is the youngest member of the troupe, comes from the ghetto of Los Santos and earns his living as a debt collector. Together, the three go on numerous missions, bank robberies play a central role.

With the change of the characters Rockstar completely new opportunities opened in the Mission style. While you brought to its destination by helicopter just your accomplice, you can go and slip a sniper about the role quickly to the next character.

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GTA 5: A radical reinvention

Los Santos demonstrates, once again colorful and lively. Whether playing tennis in Hollywood, Motorcross on Mount Chiliad, a comfortable round of golf or chases on the highway - open-world fans will again have plenty of opportunities to let off steam with fun-filled activities. Overall, the game world is five times as large as in Red Dead Redemption.

At the center is a lively city, outside you expect the mountainous regions of Mount Chiliad, beaches, a military base, the suburban area of ​​Los Santos and even under water you can explore the ocean shown in detail.

Unfortunately, some features contained in previous drop off: For a life of love you have as a bank robber apparently no time, as well as for visits to the Muckibude or buying real estate. But do not worry, your money you will already going by buying clothes.

Rockstar Dan Houser defined GTA 5 so as &# 8220; radical contraption&# 8221; the franchise and the entire genre. Especially when it comes to online integration would be breaking new ground, so Rockstar want the multiplayer features of GTA 4 is still expanding. It will be interesting what the development team in Edinburgh, Scotland can be otherwise still think that way.

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GTA 5 Release

GTA 5 was releast on 17 September 2013, Xbox 360 and PS3. The open-world spectacle also appeared on 18 November 2014 for the next-gen consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Although long disputed, now finally is also the release date for the PC version, which appears on March 24, 2015. You can preorder it already:

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