The Witcher 3: make money – Exploit in 01.20 (Blood and Wine) for infinitely many crowns and materials

Money is in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a scarce resource. To quickly get to the game currency crowns, there are numerous opportunities in the open world of role-playing. We introduce to you and explain how you can earn you a goldene Nase in a rapid manner. We also show you current exploits and glitches earn the crowns.

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The new DLC &# 8220; Blood and Wine&# 8221; and the patch 1.20, a new method has crept into the role-playing game with which you can accumulate an infinite number of crowns and materials. In the new expansion you need lots of money to build about your winery or establish new Sorcerer armor like the Manticore equipment. We show you how exploit is working.


Updated on June 1, 2016

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The Witcher 3 &# 8211; Blood and Wine: Unlimited Money and materials in patch 1.20 (Glitch / Exploit)

to get from Glitch For infinitely crowns and materials to benefit, it proceeds as follows:

  1. Goes to Schmied Willis in the initial area White garden. Have you not yet completed his side quest, you must do so before carrying out the exploit.
  2. then buy all goods from it that you can and as long as your money supplies last. The more money the blacksmith in his inventory, the faster will your account balance increased.
  3. Goes to beehive just north of the village next to a building on the street.
  4. now uses the Hexer sign Aard, to drive the hive direction blacksmith. This works especially well at night, when no people are on the roads.
  5. If the hive close enough at the blacksmith, he is killed by him.
  6. Meditate now respawn for one hour and the blacksmith, but dies in the hive immediately.
  7. With each death he lets it back its entire inventory and all money as loot. The exploit works have therefore given him the more money you, the faster.
  8. Do you have this process repeated often enough, eventually Aard used to push aside all the bodies and collect the loot.
  9. You will thereby be overloaded. Let therefore unnecessary and heavy items such as horseback fall.

This process can repeat it as many times as you want and will never have money worries again. In any case, until the glitch is removed by the developer. How it works in practice, you can see well again in the following video.

Original article from May 18, 2015

The Witcher 3: Money makes the world

Money is available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in the form of Crown, the currency of the game. Especially at the beginning of your adventure there is emptiness in the pockets of witcher Geralt. On top of that you have to constantly spend money to repair your equipment. This is not just characterized by durability and needs to be repaired at the armorer for valuable crowns over again.

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thrift therefore is the first exchange in the RPG. Except for repairs, you should spend no crowns. Weapons and armor you find in the game world already repeatedly and does not need to be purchased expensive. You should also early to the game in villages and towns dealers lookout, where you can sell off the excess junk quests and sorcery orders. However, observed: Not every merchant buys you all from. Some traders want to buy from you, no weapons, just like you can turn on your conventional junk not any blacksmith. With herbs around, turn up their noses. In addition, each trader only has a limited budget features. So you should take a note the locations of as many sellers.

Update: Infinity lot of money thanks to exploit in 1:08

In the current version 1.08 there is a new method to make an infinite number of crowns. To do this you proceed as follows:

  1. Worried you the most expensive runes at the blacksmith. We recommend in Kaer Trolde.
  2. Continues this which has three slots in a sword one.
  3. now speak again with Smith and let the runes remove.
  4. now changes the tab quickly before the process is completed.
  5. You should now have the three runes in your inventory and are in the sword also still the three runes.
  6. This process can you repeat endlessly and accumulate as soon runes that you can sell at the blacksmith.

If the traders have no money, just meditating for 24 hours and the money supplies are replenished. Instructions, you will also once again in the following video of the YouTube channel GosuNoob.

Update: So you make 1000 crowns in one minute

  1. Go to the dealer on the Hierarch Square in Novigrad and buys all his Shellfish and sea ​​shells.
  2. He fills his holdings quickly gets on you can buy directly with him again shells.
  3. Go with the mussels to the neighboring smith and let them dismantle.
  4. Now you have a lot of beads, the you can sell at the blacksmith for a multiple of the purchase price.
  5. If the blacksmith have no more money, meditating 5 days and his money supply is replenished.
  6. You can repeat this as often. so that your money worries are a thing of the past.
  7. The purchase and the dismantling of a seashell costs 8 crowns. For the pearl is you get 109 crowns!
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earn tips and tricks for money

In general: Run always does away with open eyes through the game world and each treasure chest from the you can find. The same goes for completed Fine. always beautiful loot and all the stuff that you do not need to make at the next dealer to hard cash.

Beginner's tips and guide for getting started in the role play

Here you will on your travels again and again the money in the currencies Floren and Oren find your enemies. Floren, while Oren represents as currency in the Kingdom Nilfgaard circulating the temerische currency of the Northern Kingdoms. Dealer they will not accept as payment. You have to go to you only in major cities like Oxenfurt and Novigrad wherever you find at the local banker you can exchange it for crowns. Below, we present you more activities that allow her The Witcher 3 Money You can earn.

Fist fights and bar brawls

Already in the previous Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, there was the regular fist fights in which her some money could you earn. And in The Witcher 3 you can be sure that in every dive is someone waiting for you who would like to have rearranged his features. In your first fight, you should probably not play poker too high and make you once with the controller trusts. Once you feel sure you can the increase inserts and additionally on you bet, to increase the premiums.

Always solid druff! There is no lack of opponents in boxing matches.Always solid druff! There is no lack of opponents in boxing matches.

horse race

As a new job you expect horse racing in the role play. Here you give your horse roach or another horse spurs and sit at the top. That you may be successful in the race, it is recommended in better equipment to invest for the horse. So be worth about endurance rising saddle so that your race horse down the stretch not so fast out of breath.

In horse racing you must divide you the strength of your horse well.In horse racing you must divide you the strength of your horse well.

card game &# 8220; Gwint&# 8221;

In The Witcher 3, the lame Würfelpoker from its predecessors is the motivating Trading Card Game Gwint replaced. In our instructions and rules to Gwint you learn how the game works exactly. In general, you should with as many NPC&# 8217; s encounter you dare a game. Per match you can namely up to 20 crowns win and improve your deck with new cards from opponents. You can also buy new cards, of course, at dealers. at major tournaments in cities later in the game you are so well prepared and you can win a lot of loot.

Did you get the hang of Gwint unfolds his whole addictive.Did you get the hang of Gwint unfolds his whole addictive.

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