Abused icon: As shown in the tragic figure Harley Quinn, the sex symbol of the generation was Cosplay

Who runs these days on any trade related to the entertainment industry, which will meet it guaranteed. And several times. Harley Quinn. Popular motif among cosplayers, sexy star of the upcoming "Suicide Squad" baseball bat wielding cartoon icon and solid inventory of the gaming scene. Hardly a figure of pop culture has made a such a steep style career in recent years as Harley Quinn. She will be seen as the crazy partner of the Joker, his dangerous, provocative Kumpanin. A little silly, but still somehow a strong, female character who is considered by many young women as a model. An amazing perception. Harley Quinn this has in fact to do as good as nothing. 

Abused icon: As shown in the tragic figure Harley Quinn, the sex symbol of the generation was Cosplay

At least not by turning to their origins. you Maintains up to date with people who find Harley Quinn kind of cool or attractive, wearing their insignia on his own body, or wear them even as a favorite heroine deep in the heart, it surprised but very, how little is actually known about their historical background ,

This starts with the medium itself. So Harley Quinn, for example, not a very traditional DC character. It is not even a cartoon character! Quinn is a relatively new invention from television. Paul Dini and Bruce Timm created it in 1992 as part of the magnificent TV series "Batman: The Animated Series". The idea for the character came when he Dini actress Arleen Sorkin saw in a soap opera from the 80s. Sorkin took over later then actually the spokesperson role of Quinn.

If you look at Harley Quinn's first appearance in the animated series again today on, one gets immediately amazed. Harleen Frances Quinzel here is an intelligent psychiatrist imprisoned in the Arkham joker must treat.

Playing with the armen Quinn, all in accordance with its vile nature, a false mind game by saying "opens" its dedicated psychiatrist opposite. It presents as pitiful victim of the Company, abused by her father, ignored by the self-righteous Batman, lost in the wheels of justice. Harley has compassion. She falls in love even in the wild, which they then cold abused for his evil purposes. In other words, the story of Harley Quinn is a tragic.

The history of Harley Quinn is a tragic

Not just their love was never reciprocated the Joker, which follows from their tragic love is an endless loop of violence from which they can not escape. Again and again, Harley Quinn from Joker is verbally and physically abused, again and again it falls on his false promise, this time he is actually changing, in.

All it takes is a "Sorry" and even Harley has her abusive &Lover; # 8220&# 8221; forgiven again. The special quality of character Harley Quinn, her essential issue is that of a mentally derailed abuse victim who throws himself against his better judgment to hell domestic violence.

jokerharley4Harley Quinn and the Joker are NOT a couple! A brief history of abuse ratio can be found here: https://arousinggrammar.com/2014/01/17/nothing-romantic-about-harley-quinn-joker/

Bitter irony: The Naked Suicide Harley becomes the Babe

Today, Quinn is a role model. From the tragic figure one (above) sexualized Crazy Bitch has become. An amazing transformation that is unparalleled her. Will they understand the basis of the comics, animation series and games, one identifies a lengthy and complex process.

Essential catalyst for the tremendous transformation of Harley Quinn was there Rocksteady Action game "Batman: Arkham Asylum". Here Quinn appeared not only clearly sexual in tight mini skirt with childlike ponytail and without its tragic ballast on, here it was thanks to the success of the game also featured a much wider audience. Rocksteady clearly plakativere version of the character prevailed and was using Cosplay and "Babe" -Bilderstrecken an integral part of gaming culture.

This new, drawn with much sarcasm and bitter irony image, reflected then in the comic series and DC animated films, in which Quinn now appears much more likely to return. Historic low point of this development was a scandalous youth competition ( "break into comics with Harley Quinn!"), Which the comic publisher in 2013 exclaimed.

Thus, by the artists who wanted to participate in the DC competition, requires among other things that she painted a panel in which Harley naked sitting in the bathtub, and is just about to kill himself.

Harley Quinn Suicide Liz Katz cover 770x300Cosplay for scandalous junior competition. Via: http://project-nerd.com/2013/09/17/suicidal-harley-quinn-cosplay/

The fact that DC wrote out these at least borderline call in the "National Suicide Prevention Week", not necessarily helped. The illustrations of bare all the rules of comic art "Suicide Harley"Made naturally but the round and again contributed to" at modernization "of the figure.

Harleys Hotpants: Or Margot Robbie plays a feminist icon 

But the suicidal bombshell that is well known to us today, is still changing rapidly. Who, for example, Margot Robbie while listening as in numerous interviews about their Harley-role in "Suicide Squad"Talks, which gets quickly the contradictory feelings, the actress put a feminist icon represents in the film.

Self-determination, strong and unpredictable was the character she plays there. Aha. From her tragic background so no trace? For this, consistent hot pants, which in turn represents the hitherto most important talking point of the film were from the formerly so popular mini skirt now.

Meanwhile, Harley passes in DCs diligently behind the hype ago producing animation forging again the next pupation. In &# 8220;Justice League: God and Monsters&# 8221; The figure emerges now more or less naked. Pants, suspenders and corset have remained Harley here. But what she has lost clothes, she gets to Craziness twice back. Chainsaw selfies with a draped family from corpses included. Phew.

A pessimistic decline of disillusioned youth culture one must therefore not far from the mouth to talk because of the traced here development. After all, is in the bizarre transformation of Harley Quinn somewhere somehow their rise to a serious Bösewichtin it. Or so.

But if it should actually come as it currently suspect many experts when calculated THIS version of Harley Quinn for the first successful "superhero" in the male-dominated genre - while "Wonder Woman" fails at the box office - then I am surely hopefully not the only one who therefore has a bit of abdominal pain, right?

harley-quinn-justice-leagueThere is not much left: Harley in &# 8220; Justice League: God and Monsters&# 8221; (2015)

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