iPhone Water Damage – What to do if the iPhone gets wet?

Is your iPhone fell in the toilet, or otherwise become wet? We have compiled the best tips on how you can prevent and repair water damage to the iPhone at best.

video | iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in the water test

12841iPhone 6s waterproof?

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iPhone water damage: not covered by Apple's warranty

Before the iPhone 7 none of the Apple iPhone was waterproof. Older models tolerated liquid damage is not particularly good. This goes so far that they are not even covered by the Apple warranty (see Apple-care insurance *). So Apple detects whether water damage has made the mobile phone broken, a liquid sensor is specially built. Here would be perhaps an additional insurance from suppliers like friendsurance or a waterproof case for iPhone *iPhone Water Damage - What to do if the iPhone gets wet? been better).

With special cases your iPhone is waterproof in no time. With special cases your iPhone is waterproof in no time.*

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prevent iPhone Water Damage: Tips & tricks

To prevent iPhone water damage, is as follows:

  1. Take the iPhone immediately from the water and turns it off immediately if it is not yet understood by themselves.
  2. Dabbing it with a handkerchief or towel.
  3. Cautiously opens the SIM slot to run liquid from the iPhone. It may also generate evaporate the water better.
  4. Sets the device close a heater and let it dry for at least 3 days (even if it is difficult).
  5. This should evaporate into the iPhone seeped water slowly there.

Danger: not tried that mobile turn too early. This also applies if it has issued automatically. This could lead in the worst case a short circuit finally destroy the iPhone. Prefers to wait longer than too short.

Under certain circumstances, your iPhone works on the three days. If the permeated water into the housing but has left too many residues (lime deposits), it may be that the mobile phone with time is susceptible to or internally rusty. Then it could turn out after a few weeks, then what was originally the water damage was to blame. So you should definitely create an iPhone backup when your device is working again, for you do not know if that will remain long way.

What should you do NOT:

  • Turn on the iPhone
  • dry it with a hair dryer
  • shake it (thus, the water is distributed in the housing)

Note: The tip is to put the phone in a bowl of rice will not always reliable.

A fallen into the water iPhone can you fix (leave).A fallen into the water iPhone can you fix (leave).

Screw the iPhone itself and fix water damage

If the iPhone still does not work after 3 days, you can try to repair it yourself. However, this case is lost your warranty. If in doubt you should contact professional help (see below).

  1. Opens the iPhone.
  2. If you do not have the right tools, look at the iPhone repair kits GIGA Fixxoo * to.
  3. now looks moist places in the housing.
  4. You can try to dab it gently.
  5. but if you have concerns about damaging sensitive technology, the device let's open near heat sources are, allow the water to evaporate better.
  6. Try after 1 to 2 days again, if it works again.

Tip: If the battery has strayed a bit, you can order a replacement battery here.

iPhone water damage repaired See

If our tips have not helped and you do not trusts that iPhone to repair itself, the only remaining professional repair:

  • Turn you about directly to an Apple Store (can be expensive) or
  • Uses a reliable repair service as unitel2000 * or Doc-phone *.
  • These are specialized to repair damaged iPhones to prevent rusting and to exchange damaged components. Asks best here for a quote, so you know whether it makes more sense to buy a new iPhone *.

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