Dredd 2: When is the release date?

The sci-fi action film "Dredd" from 2012 is the slightly different comic book adaptation. Neither Marvel nor DC are for the comic book character Judge Dredd on which the film is based, responsible, but the comic magazine 2000 AD. Since pretty much every comic book adaptation is now created as a franchise, we ask the question of "Dredd 2" in this article. When is the release date and there is already a trailer?

Dredd is set in a future America that exists in large parts only of verstrahltem wasteland. From Boston to Washington DC, the city of Mega City One stretches. Therein reign violence and crime, try to master the so-called Judges (police and judges). A job is the drug Bossin Ma-Ma - played by "Game of Thrones" actress Lena Headey.

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Dredd 2: Are there concrete plans?

2015 said Screenwriter Alex Garland io9 parties that there will be no sequel.

mid-2016 stoked the Actor Karl Urban then again the hope of the fans, just to make them then broken again: During the Denver Comic Con he said that Dredd 2 would be in the development. then a little later, he announced via Twitter that there would still be no more:

early 2017 gave the producer Adi Shankar in an interview with Collider the rumors about Dredd two new fire: Although you said that there were no concrete plans at this time, the figure of Judge Dredd, however, would come back any form. but that may just about anything and mean nothing.

Therefore, there is at this point, unfortunately, neither a release date nor a trailer. One can as fans, however, participate in the numerous petitions on the Internet, in the hope that Dredd is taken 2 concretely addressed.

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TV series rather than Dredd 2?

Even if the statements and the information booth to Dredd 2 are still very vague and unsatisfactory, the production of a TV series the character Judge Dredd is sure thing:

The brothers Jason and Chris Kingsley, the founders of the British computer game development company Rebellion are to bring into being with IM Global's a series adaptation. In an interview with the Guardian, the brothers said that they find the film have not captured the satire of comics right. They want to change in the series.

Why the chances are slim Dredd 2

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In view of the fact that there will be a series, one can rightly ask why the plans for the production of a movie in the sand seem to run. The reason is relatively simple: The good money. Dredd was a minus business for the production company. Production costs amounted to about 50 million US dollars, while the worldwide box office was only 35 million dollars. What, however, raised hopes that revenue of 19 million dollars from home video sales were. All in all, revenues of 54 million US dollars in production costs of 50 million US dollars not enough for a sequel.


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