Help – I forgot my data for the Steam Account!

After downloading Steam the creation of their own accounts is. This is the ticket to manage the wide world of games and connect their own games with the account. So associated games can be installed on any computer with an Internet connection, without the need for a disk with the game data. All you need for this is an account name and password.

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Due to the variety of different logins on the Internet, it may happen that you forget its data for the Steam account. Especially if you automatically log into Steam, it happens fast that you used in the reinstallation of the client E-mail address, the account name or password no longer has in mind.

Steam Account Forgot retrieve info
Forgotten login information in Steam may be restored, with or without knowledge of the account name

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Forgot your password for Steam Account &# 8211; So it is restored

has in the event that, while his account name and the associated email address yet know, just only his password for the Steam Account forget is specifically a function when logging into Steam deposited. In the window of Steam logins first select the bottom option forgotten "login info? retrieve old account ... " and lets the next window, "I know my account name" enabled. After clicking on "Next" the account name is entered. After a short wait, you get a message from Steam with a confirmation code of the function associated with the Steam Account email address. This process is used to avoid unauthorized modifications of the password. This code must now be entered into Steam again so that you can choose a new password for Steam in the next step.

Steam Account Forgot confirmation email
In a Bestäigungsmail you get a code to restore his forgotten password in Steam

Steam Account Forgot? So, you return to the data

If you have forgotten not only his password, but also his account name, you look at the Steam launch window the option described above, and then selects "I do not know my account name." By clicking on "Next" is now obtained three ways to return to his forgotten Steam account data.

Steam Account Forgot function
Help for forgotten account information can be found at the very start of Steam

In the first case chosen for Steam E-mail address must be entered. In the e-mail inbox now lands a message from Steam, where the Steam account name is entered. In the event that the password is also not available, you can restore it as described above. Knowing the Steam user name and e-mail address no longer, you can simply restore his login data by one associated with the Steam account Games-Key indicates. These games keys can be found,. B. on the guide or printed on the cover of a purchased Steam game. After entering this product codes obtained again access their Steam data. With the third selectable option in the event that one has forgotten his Steam account, you only get the information that either the E-mail address or a product code for the reactivation of the account needed becomes. In this case, you should browse or his players matter for an installed Steam game sift through their e-mail addresses for the right Steam address.

Steam Account Forgot problem
If you have neither a contact e-mail address, nor a product code, it looks bad for the forgotten login information for Steam.

If you have forgotten its data for the Steam account and no longer have any product code on hand, there may a last resort, if you have added via the community feature in Steam friends. They can see which profile name have been used in Steam. Since the visible in the community profile name is not identical to the Steam account name, you can see the drop-down menu on the friends profile, which profile names have been used for this account. May be found here a profile name that is equal to the forgotten Steam account name. Although this approach does not provide one hundred percent successful path to regain his Steam login information, an attempt is the process but well worth.

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