WhatsApp use with landline number – Here’s how

If you use a tablet or smartphone as a landline phone, you can also use the popular WhatsApp Messenger with a small detour on this. A SIM card may not be present in the device for it, you need only a wireless connection and you have to be on your landline number to reach. How do you use WhatsApp with a landline number, we will show you the following guide.

What you need

  • Smartphone or tablet with current Wi-Fi connection (SIM card is not required), which is compatible with the WhatsApp Messenger
  • Your landline number on which you are currently reachable also
  • WhatsApp as APK or through the Play Store or iTunes
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WhatsApp use a landline number - important&# 8217; s

  1. WhatsApp installed on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Starts the Messenger. You should now see the welcome screen, tap on the "Agree and continue."
    WhatsApp landline 01
  3. In the screen "Verify your number" ye give your landline number in the following form:
    Germany+ 49Area code without the first 0direct dialing
    Austria+ 43Area code without the first 0direct dialing
    Switzerland+ 41Area code without the first 0direct dialing
  4. Confirms your entry by her (bottom right) taps the green check icon. Controls whether the entry was correct, then taps on "OK".
    WhatsApp landline 02
  5. Usually the attempt of WhatsApp to send you a text message on the landline number fails and displays the following message to you:
    WhatsApp landline 03
  6. Confirmed with "OK". On the verification screen should now "Call me" option appear typed on it.
    WhatsApp landline 04
  7. Within the next 90 seconds your landline number to be called. Take off and quoted you the verification code, which is said to you in a loop.
  8. now therefore get this under a WhatsApp at number verification.
  9. WhatsApp should now be unlocked and you can capitalize on the landline number WhatsApp on your phone or tablet.

Everything went smoothly with you, or there were problems in the activation of WhatsApp on your landline number? Let us know in the comments.

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