Spotify down: Can not connect – faults and server status today

With Spotify you also get nothing for free music streaming from the PC's ear. Annoying it when the speakers remain silent and the service is not working. Here you learn what you can do if Spotify is down when trouble with the stream playback occur and how to check the server status in Spotify.

Spotify down: Can not connect - faults and server status today

Usually the music stream on Spotify starts immediately. You can either listen via Spotify program or browser Music, alternatively you the apps bring the music stream on the Android smartphone or iPad, or iPhone.

Update: Spotify disorder today (June 22)

Currently there is a major disruption in Spotify. A reproduction of music streams in many places is not possible. A statement from Spotify on the current failure of today there is not. On Twitter, however, the voices, after which the music streaming service was down Report. In the screen of the services, only the &# 8220; Error Code: 4&# 8221; displayed. This indicates a lack of internet connection. But the problem also occurs when the Internet at home otherwise functioning normally. The problems occur with this not only in Germany but worldwide. Once there is news about the disorder, we will inform you.

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Spotify is down or offline?

Spotify does not work you, you should of course first check whether your Internet connection is working properly. Does the move ensures that the mobile device has sufficient reception. To rule out other errors that lead to Spotify does not go, you should do the following:


  • Making sure that your firewall to connect to Spotify not blocked. In particular, the Spotify error 101 is related to connection errors together by a firewall.
  • Should use their Spotify in the browser tries to open the music stream from another browser.
  • In addition, you should all plug-ins in the browser and the browser itself via update update any errors, which can lead to disturbances Spotify to eliminate.
  • Do you hear Spotify about the client, and this should be updated.
  • If the problem permanently, you should first delete Spotify completely and then reinstall the program clean.


The Twitter channel &# 8220; SpotifyStatus&# 8221; informs you about all maintenance, faults and down times for Spotify. The service is provided with a blue tick. That is, the information about Spotify problems stem firsthand.

Tweets from @SpotifyStatus


Spotify down: Check disorders and server status online

Spotify is down and lets sich26 as stream music, you can not even do a lot. Before ye puts on a detailed troubleshooting on your own PC, you should first check whether there are any faults in the Spotify servers. Controls for this purpose in the first place the side to Here, fault reports of affected users collect.

spotify-problemsThe messages are piling up? Then Spotify is probably down (screenshot:

Provide it finds that there arrives an increased number of messages at any given time, it can be assumed that Spotify is down. Alternatively, you can take a look at the Twitter channel Spotify throw status. Here disturbances on the Spotify communicated servers or other problems generally, often there are direct references to errors. Spotify is down, you do not have much choice but to wait until the problem is resolved. If the errors increase with you, we recommend a look at the Spotify alternatives.

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Original article of 15 February 2015 last updated on April 26, 2016

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