Our six best Android keyboards

If you your standard keyboard do not like Android, you just installed a better keyboard app. We show you the current GIGA editors favorites.

In Android you can quite easily change your keyboard. When you installed your keyboard apps from the Google Play Store. Alternative keyboards offer benefits such as Flow feature (No typing, but wipe), adjustable keyboard size and more emoji, and themes.

Some keyboards offer fee-based extensions, ie pays particular attention to in-app purchases if you do not want this.

Go Keyboard - emoji, stickers, Reactions, themes, fonts

The Go keyboard is one of the hottest Android keyboards in the Play Store and rightly so: The keyboard comes with a wealth of emoji, and themes, as we have seen it rarely:

2618Go Keyboard - the Emoji- and Theme HeroGO keyboarddownloadQR codeGO keyboardDeveloper: GOMO Dev TeamPrice: Free
  • Besides the typical smileys her stickers and and ASCII code characters can insert as # ^ _ ^ #
  • Also there is insertable Gif animations expressing emotions and Reactions as #aufgeregt, #klatschen, #lol, #tears, etc.
  • The font of the keyboard can be adjusted as well.

Tip: The best app if you're into emoji and Reactions and themes.

GBOARD - Google Search in the keyboard

How often do you change between a Messenger app and Google search to exchange information? With GBOARD you have the Google Search in the keyboard, making the hassle of back and forth is eliminated. Therefore, it is also a hot favorite:

1025GBOARD for AndroidGBOARD - Google KeyboarddownloadQR codeGBOARD - Google KeyboardDeveloper: Google LLCPrice: Free
  • Google Search in the keyboard, so you have to switch between apps less.
  • Emoji search and multiple languages, between which it switches on the space bar.
  • Flow feature to wipe the words.

SwiftKey - Practical Android keyboard

With us, many use the well-known SwiftKey keyboard that is clear and simple very well constructed:

1503SwiftKey 6 (Trailer) - Android & iOSGBOARD - Google KeyboarddownloadQR codeGBOARD - Google KeyboardDeveloper: Google LLCPrice: Free
  • They can be customized in size and you can choose from many themes.
  • It also supports flow function and provides input statistics.
  • Also can adjust their different languages ​​between which you change by swiping across the space bar.
  • Legendary is also the word prediction of SwiftKey, can learn on the basis of texts, which the user wrote.

Tip: SwiftKey: Tips & Tricks for alternative Android keyboard

Minuum keyboard - minimalist, but damn fast

1847Minuum Keyboard

30 day free trial
Minuum Keyboard Free + EmojidownloadQR codeMinuum Keyboard Free + EmojiDeveloper: WhirlscapePrice: Free

Minuum Keyboard + Emoji SmartdownloadQR codeMinuum Keyboard + Emoji SmartDeveloper: WhirlscapePrice: 3,40 €
  • Especially small Android keyboard, which can also fold out.
  • The letters are in groups of three displays (similar to the T9 input from previous mobile phones).
  • After a little practice, we were able to write much faster than with the standard keyboard.
  • Mistype is fine: the app forgives some and recognizes the intended word surprisingly often.

Tip: Thanks to the space-saving app is also handy for Android Wear watches. Those who want to hide from the keyboard, even with large smartphone displays when entering text as little space as possible, should also take a look at the app.

Fleksy - May it be even faster?

6297Fleksy Keyboard Breaks Its Own Guinness World Record On iOSFleksy Keyboard + EmojidownloadQR codeFleksy Keyboard + EmojiDeveloper: FleksyPrice: Free
  • At the fastest software keyboard in the world you reach most of the functions by touch.
  • Swipe left to delete a word; swipe right to confirm one.
  • With a wiping up or down the word suggestions be scrolled.
  • In addition, there are plenty of themes and a few extensions.
  • You can also make transparent the keyboard.

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