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Drugs are for wild excesses and grandiose crashes. Ideal film material so why drug films in many circles high popularity enjoy and often enjoy cult status. As part of our great specials on Drugs and film you the 10 best drug movies ever present.

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Imaginative dream worlds or intoxicated idiot that make a fool of oneself: films about drugs are plentiful and in various forms. Often these are cult movies or adaptations of novels by authors who have made themselves one way or another experience with intoxicants. Currently running in the cinema of the featured Thriller &# 8220; Sicario&# 8221; from Denis Villeneuve, where it comes to the eternal and seemingly hopeless war of the authorities against the widely ramified cartels in South America and numerous series fans are pleased with the thematically similar &# 8220; Narcos&# 8221;. Both examples show that drugs are a timeless theme in general and Hollywood to deal continues to set the noise on the screen. Since this occurs in many different forms and the spirit does not stand still, we have decided to list 10 for a trip through the history of film instead of a classic top.

This is one of the 10 best stoner movies

Unlike the stoner movie called drug films are not necessarily comedies, but range from depressive melodrama, unconventional road movie or biopic. We have taken a number of films under the microscope, whose main theme is either the trafficking of drugs or dependence on drugs. Here are the ten most important contributions to the subject of drugs on the screen:

&# 8220;The Man with the Golden Arm&# 8221; (1955, directed by Otto Preminger)

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Drugs are as old as human history and therefore we first turn our gaze to the past. Hollywood hardly themed drug use in his early years and so it took until 1955 until the Austrian-born Otto Preminger submitted a first worthwhile contribution to this topic. However, the result can be more than seen to date and gave the singer and entertainer Frank Sinatra not only an Oscar nomination, but also recognition as a serious actor.

&# 8220;The Man with the Golden Arm&# 8221; tells the story of an alcoholic who fatally seduced the use of heroin, but valiant effort for a better life. however, he is a puppet of his jealous wife who want to make to use the addiction of her husband. A that time provocative melodrama depicting the addict as a victim and not demonized, in contrast to the drug itself, which is equated with misery and crime.

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&# 8220; Easy Rider&# 8221; (1969, directed by Dennis Hopper)

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After the Summer Of Love in 1967, the hippie era reached no later than one year later with the many global protest movements peaked. The world was changed at least culturally intrusive and way of life of many flower children and the enjoyment of some intoxicant of grass on Acid included not only free love to LSD. Hollywood Rebel Dennis Hopper managed only a short time later to hold this time on the big screen and with the road movie &# 8220; Easy Rider&# 8221; to create a cult film for the ages.

The story of two motorcyclists is secondary here all sorts of legal and illegal substances are consumed to the soundtrack of Steppenwolf and award the bourgeois lives of others a clear rejection. The American Dream is now a dream of true freedom Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson, Search in one of his early roles in numerous experiments with drugs. Besides all this period atmosphere but Hopper recognizes the signs of the times and disturbed all Alt-68s to the present day with the bitter finale of his &# 8220; Easy Rider&# 8221 ;.

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&# 8220; Cheech & Chong: Up in Smoke&# 8221; (1978, directed by Lou Adler)

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The difference with the most drug films is the stoner comedy at the significant trivialization of drug use and often satirically exaggerated representation of its consumers, so here: the late 1970s, appeared with &# 8220; Smoking Kills&# 8221; the first film of the comic duo Cheech & Chong (Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong) And thus the mother of all pothead movies. Like no other film captures this completely running out of control road-movie feel of the foggy cannabis intoxication and shows two drugged heroes whose life is determined solely by coincidences, as they get out of the drug purchasing anything on the series.

The hippies Cheech and Chong consume their unsuccessful attempts to hire themselves out as a musician, even a number of other drugs, yet cannabis and search for marijuana remains the central theme of the film. His time particularly successful, the film now enjoys cult status and attracted many sequels, which until 1985 with &# 8220; Cheech & Chong has now&# 8217; s been smokes&# 8221; an end found. Later stoner movies like &# 8220; Half Baked&# 8221; or &# 8220; How High&# 8221; have their origins here and would be unthinkable without the two cult comedian.

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&Scarface; # 8220&# 8221; (1983, directed by Brian DePalma)

Scarface© Universal

After the last hippie the field had cleared in the 1970s at the latest, broke out in the 1980s, the yuppie decade and the world was again materialistic. With the Zeitgeist also the preferences of drug users and the triumph of cocaine, a sort of changed more expensive performance enhancer for the upper class began. Brian DePalma &Scarface; # 8220&# 8221;, a remake of the gangster film from 1932 of the same name, tells the story of the rise of the exiled Cuban Tony Montana a feared drug cartel boss in fiery Miami. In the foreground is the tyrannical and self-destructive character, which of course is related to his own excessive consumption of drugs.

To 1980s-typical synth sounds of Giorgio Moroder discharges the hot-headedness of überbrodelnde of al Pacino intensively embodied Tony Montana in numerous orgies of violence that brought Brian DePalma one or the other problem with sometimes drastic cuts its actually almost three-hour gangster epic. The cult of the film was thus but only increase.

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&# 8220; Leaving Las Vegas&# 8221; (1995, directed by Mike Figgis)

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Not only the so-called hard drugs like heroin or coke can destroy a human life, even the less socially ostracized handle the bottle often leads to drastic consequences. A particularly striking example of excessive alcoholism provides the drama &# 8220; Leaving Las Vegas&# 8221; from Mike Figgis, in which an alcoholic decides to drink in the glittering city of Las Vegas to death. Nicholas Cage is at the height of his art and plays the role of his life as a failed playboy between noise and wreck.

Deserved reward was the Oscar for best actor. Despite some amusing moments predominates here clearly the tragic and the hopelessness of the drunkard, who can never be saved, not by the love of his life, a prostitute (Elizabeth Shue), Which he happened to get to know during his fatalistic escapades. What makes the film particularly strong, is the lack of moral index finger. The horror of addiction is only told about the character of Nicholas Cage that can stop drinking and never has long since abandoned.

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