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BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition provides basic antivirus protection to protect in real time against Internet threats, malware found on your computer and is sufficiently removed and for most home users.

With the BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition Download brings her you a free copy of the award-winning, paid BitDefender Internet Security 2016 on the computer, which, however, only provides basic functions accordingly in protecting against viruses and other threats. However, the freeware is an antivirus program that effectively protects against malware. The tool also takes very little system resources can claim unlike some other antivirus programs.

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BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition Download: The virus protection modules

First, the BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition download includes a real-time protection that continuously scans the entire system for malware. Furthermore, the real-time protection detects malware by means of the &Virus Shield; # 8220&# 8221; 's example of infected websites before they can get on the computer and blocks them immediately. Through a cloud connection BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition automatically detects new malware, no updates are available for their defense. The &# 8220; Intrusion Detection System&# 8221; prevent suspicious programs from your computer to access the network or Internet. In addition, BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition protects you from phishing attacks on the Internet and against rootkits.

BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition

The handling of BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition designed pleasantly easy after installing the freeware: After passing through the setup process of the tool, it will be immediately started and the program's interface appears as a window on the lower right of the screen. In this you can disable both the virus shield and Auto Scan or activate and start to desire a manual search. Furthermore, we find the login function. About this one can obtain updates for BitDefender Antivirus Free and so keep the program up to date.

For updates Registration is required

To download updates, but is required to register with the manufacturer, you must make within 30 days. The remaining time is also displayed in the program window. The latter has left over below &Logs; # 8220&# 8221; nor the possibility to view the log files of the antivirus software. To close the program window BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition, you just click on any area of ​​the desktop outside of the program window. this can easily retrieve from the notification area of ​​the Windows taskbar.

  • Good free basic protection against malware

  • Unfortunately, only in English

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