iPad mini 3: What’s New, differences, Prices

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Long Apple, however, offer a small iPad resisted. Meanwhile, the tablet with 7.9-inch display is in the third generation. What does it offer?

iPad Mini 3 info

Much, but not much new. Only about 25 seconds exclusive, the company dedicated to the presentation of new products on 10.16.2014 the iPad mini 3 *. but buyers should not let that fool you - this generation is also compared to other Apple products an attractive option.


iPad Mini 3 in Grants

We could take the iPad Mini 3 on the evening of the idea briefly in the hand - Flavio presents it here in the video (at minute 2:27) along with the iPad Air 2 before.

21288ipad-event recap-98834.mp4

iPad mini 3: What's new in 2014

The iPad mini is a tablet with 7.9-inch display. By comparison, the larger models iPad Air offer 9.7 inches.

Outwardly has compared to its predecessor (Apple has changed the product name of "iPad mini with Retina Display" to "iPad mini 2") did not do much. The case is still 20 x 13.47 x 0.75 centimeters tall and weighs 331 grams. In addition to Space Gray and silver there but recently the color gold.

The most important innovation of the iPad mini is the Fingerprint Sensor Touch ID. With it, the user can unlock the tablet also provides the so-equipped home button in some apps as an alternative to password is Great thing -. Some iPhone 5s owners who could get used to Touch ID, waited consciously an iPad with the fingerprint sensor.

This is what the iPad mini 3 else

iPad Mini 3 iOS 8Like the iPad mini and the current iPad Air to work in the new model of the 64-bit processor Apple A7, plus coprocessor M7. The FaceTime camera - for example, for video calling - records 720p video and 1.2 megapixel photos.

The other hardware equipment is known extensive: gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, Bluetooth 4.0, LTE in the "Cellular" version for mobile SIM cards, video stabilization, HDR and panorama photos, etc. are at Apple standard.

Everything together is packaged in a very high-quality aluminum housing.

Conclusion for iPad mini 3: Good update, but no iPad Air 2

With the iPad Mini 3 Apple has brought his little tablet to date - Keyword Touch ID. The specific innovations of the iPad Air 2, Apple has not donated to him. It lacks Apple A8X, slow motion video that fast wireless 802.11 ac and the barometer. The new laminated display processing with anti-reflection coating, it does not offer. Read also the exact differences between iPad Mini 3 and iPad mini. 2

For this, we get a very lightweight and handy tablet, even with a higher pixel density than the big brothers (326 versus 264 pixels per inch), for 100 euros less: The iPad Mini 3 will cost ...

iPad Air 2 (left) and iPad Mini 3 (right).iPad Air 2 (left) and iPad Mini 3 (right).
  • 389 euros (16 GB storage) *
  • 489 euros (64 GB of storage) *
  • 589 Euro (128 GB storage) *.

The versions with mobile chip ( "Cellular"), there are * surcharge for every 120 euros. Apple Store is available currently within 2 to 4 business days.

Other dealers (selection), but usually longer delivery time:

  • iPad mini 3: What's New, differences, Prices
  • Cyberport *
  • Media Markt *
  • iPad mini 3: What's New, differences, Prices

By the way: iPad mini 2, there are still, for 289 euros (16 GB) and 339 Euro (32 GB) * and Cellular. Who do without retina display and with less power, can (on the iPad mini1st generationrecourse) with 16 GB of memory. It is also in the program for 239 euros, Cellular for 359 euros *.

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