Which network uses Congstar? Network coverage, speed and more

If you consider well conclude a contract with congstar or to buy a prepaid card, you may wonder which network congstar actually uses and thus how it looks with the network coverage, quality and the mobile Internet. In this guide, we want to give you all the necessary information so that you can you decide for or against the mobile service provider.

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Before entering into a contract with a new provider, you should always inform before which network these uses. So you can avoid their early problems if the respective network is not well covered, for example, at your place of residence.

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Which network uses congstar?

Since congstar is a 100 percent Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, the low cost provider uses corresponding speak the D1 network of Deutsche Telekom. The network quality and coverage is therefore the same as D1, but there are also some other restrictions, so the subsidiary can offer more favorable contracts.

Congstar tariffs in the overview*

Congstar was founded in 2007 as a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. The aim was to provide the discount competition its own offer to. Now the company has 3.4 million customers. However congstar is already frequently come under criticism, as the company announces example, contracts with flat rates, which were apparently used too intense or announces prepaid contracts, which in turn were not used.

Anyone looking for a cheap provider that offers multiple networks for different Koniditonen can, for example, the offer of 1&1 * or Klarmobil * View.

Network coverage, quality, speed and Co.

Congstar is a subsidiary of TelekomCongstar is a subsidiary of Telekom

The network coverage and high quality is used as in the D1 network also congstar good to very good. So certify both Connect and Stiftung Warentest the congstar network a decent performance.

Regarding the network quality thus one has to worry about. However, there is at the congstar tariffs other restrictions: So, the maximum speed, depending on the tariff, only From 7.2 to 42 Mbit / s (HSDPA). So the contracts are indeed often cheaper than at the parent company, however, will continue to not support LTE congstar.

In Congstar you can also order the way, fixed network and Internet for home. So that the low-cost operator in Germany alone. More detailed information about network coverage Congstar get her at Telekom.

Mobile Internet: 2G, 3G and LTE - speed and Declaration of mobile phone standards

congstar: What does the low cost provider?

Who the HSDPA-speed mobile Internet enough has in congstar a wide variety of normal mobile phone contracts and prepaid plans. In addition to the usual mobile phone contracts with free minutes and / or free text messages congstar offers but of course also pure data contracts for the tablet or the surf stick. Those who want to freely decide what should be included in the contract for services, can with the Tariff kits &# 8220; congstar as I want&# 8221; or. &# 8220; prepaid as I want&# 8221; simply cobble together his own contract.

Yet one can with the &# 8220; congstar as I want&# 8221; -Baukasten together also forge its own agreement. Who or neither free minutes still -SMS in the contract exceeds this, pay the obligatory 9 cents per minute or SMS, as it has become in most other vendors also for Norfmalfall. A data automatic there is not congstar! Exceed their data volume, therefore only your speed is throttled, there are no automatic extra cost.

Unlike many other low-cost providers of mobile phone contracts, there is also congstar also Internet & which, of course, use as well as the mobile telephone contracts, the lines and technology of the parent company Telekom flat-rate contracts.

Congstar tariffs in the overview*

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