For Honor: Berserker Guide for Viking beast

The Berserker in For Honor is a risky character on the battlefield. This is true for himself and for his opponents. With the right tactics he's a really annoying enemy, as you avoid a lot with him and can counter. His attack chains can do much damage if they hit, because enemies can also hurt you in between strong and defeat quickly. We give you on this page a guide for the berserk in For Honor.

As Berserker it brings you into Honor For very little, if you focus on the defensive. Does your enemies annoy and starts the fight or let them make the first blow, and then sent to counter and to bring them out of balance. We show you on this page a list of all the capabilities of this hero and make you the beginner video Berserker from For Honor before.

2749For Honor - Berserker Trailer

For Honor: Berserker Guide &# 8211; All information about the Viking tease

With the attack chains Berserker you can almost permanently fix your opponents. While they are waiting for your blows to an end so that they can happen to you will it yet with another and another catch an attack. The blocks Berserker's work only briefly, why do you have to wait for them well and maybe even should rather avoid. But even if the block is only briefly active, the counterattack capability Berserker's very helpful. The enemies are neatly thrown out of the attitude and you can process them further. especially the heavy attack chain Worth it since the final blow extremely much damage wreaks.

Dance of the blade pairInfinitely R1 / R2 and RB / RT or infinite R2 / R1 and RT / RBAn endless chain attack with strong or mild finals.
bear paw3X R2 / RTStrong attack chain.
KeilerhatzL3 + R2 / RTAttack from the sprint.
Skull splitterLeft stick up + X / AFast interrupting attack.
rotary blowLeft stick to the side + X / A, then R1 / RBEvasive step with fast attack.
SkullsplitterLeft stick up + X / A and then R2 / RTYou plant the opponent directly to and performs a hard beat.
storm StringLeft stick downwardly + then R1 / R2 + RB / RTLunge with a short attack chain.
For Honor Berserker GuideThese are the skills of the Berserker in For Honor.

Have you read all attack chains and movements of the Berserker, you can it in Entry-level video of For Honor in action and get an idea of ​​its strengths. From our beta experience, we can recommend to you that you the rapid, disruptive attacks uses as many players to pounce on the berserk because they want to eliminate the hazard. Therefore, they are quick to take the first blow and her counters this, dodges or brecht him.

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The gifts of the Berserker

The gifts of the Berserker reflect his character very well. You are focused on damage and add to that a lot of self-preservation. Do you follow a wounded enemy, you can throw an ax at him so he would not get far. These are the first four doses of the Berserker:

  • Bounty Hunter: Passive ability that increases your stamina and health if you eliminate an enemy hero.
  • Revenge attack: Your Revenge bar rises quickly through your attacks.
  • Throwing Ax: You throw an ax at an enemy wreaks which mean damage.
  • Berserker: You raise your sprint speed and the attack and the defense tremendously.

In later levels you can unlock these alternative gifts:

Transfer 1:

  • Stun Trap: stunned a trap opponents.
  • Have: You gain movement speed for a short time.

Transfer 2:

  • Doom Banner: Your lowers the defense and the attack of enemies in the target area.
  • Bear Trap: A trap that caging your enemies and causes mean damage.

Transfer 3:

  • Sharpened blade: Your attacks have enemies bleed momentarily.
  • rage: You raise your sprint speed and the attack and defense for a short time.

Handing 4:

  • Fear itself: Opponents in the vicinity have lower attack and defense.
  • Fire Bottle: You throw a projectile, what is the ground on fire, damaging enemies.
For Honor Berserker giftsThese are the first four doses of the Berserker.

Will you dominate with the Berserker, to take a look at the official launch video from Ubisoft, which we imagine at this point:

348For beginners Video Honor Berserker

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