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The UEFA EURO 2016 is in full swing. The first match is played. In many offices, associations and colleagues circles betting games were also launched at the current major football event again. In the betting tables, the first favorites are emerging, but still there are also severed Tipper 39 games lack sufficient opportunities to secure a top position.

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Especially the last two games of the first match day may have confused many lottery tickets could enter a draw as the underdog teams Hungary and Iceland against the alleged Favorites Austria a victory or against Portugal. With the following tips you can further increase your chances on a prediction game jackpot, even if it itself is not a football expertise owns or hours of preparation on the current match day want to take you.

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Euro 2016 tips: Who wins, who loses?

  • The most common results in football are a 1: 0, 1: 1 and 2: 1. Should you be undecided which team gets the win, going with a 1: safe first
  • Did you, however, already a clear gap to the leading of Predictor, one should dare quite unrealistic or opposite tips and such. B. high results or underdog victories tap. Finally, it puts you in the battle for the Jackpot nothing if her entrance as many points as the leaders of the rankings.
  • To identify a potential winner for the European game day, you should also look at the odds leading bookmaker. The betting company have years of experience with the forecast of sports events. Favorite teams are reported at a low rate.

Current EM quotas at a glance*

  • Of course, you are on the safe side, forfeiting any points by a non typewritten game, when typed through before the first match all the games. To successfully as possible, however go through the prediction game, you should keep the current form of Nations in mind. Italy was before the tournament, estimated about as aged team that not much will have expected, is likely to become his position by the 2: have certainly improved 0 win over the Belgians mitfavorisierten. Supposed underdogs like Hungary or Iceland is, however, be trusted more than expected before the tournament many places.

Euro 2016: tips and predictions

Euro 2016: Prediction by simulation and science

To rely on a computerized forecasting, gets help from the this country is not available, but very popular Football Manager 2016. The Manager game comes with a huge player database to which the one or the other managers from the professional world trusts in Matchmaking. Ahead of the tournament, the matches of the UEFA EURO 2016 were simulated. It follows from this that France is European champion in its own country. Germany fails here the winner with 1: 2 in the semifinals. The EM forecast of Football Manager 2016 finds her in the English web site of Yahoo.

Euro 2016: tips and predictions

Who trusts more on science, should take a look at the web site of Fuß for a sound tip. Hereafter Germany is predicted as European champion. The forecast for the tip is made up of historical results, current points in the FIFA world rankings and the current Team value.

Euro 2016: forecast of Goldman Sachs

The investment bank has used a statistical model to predict the European Championship 2016th over 4000 results from the past have been used and with other parameters as a basis. Even after Goldman Sachs therefore hosts France is victorious from the tournament. After the first match we were with the calculations, however, only partly true. The EM tips from Goldman Sachs (Source: Goldman Sachs):

groupteamGatesteamGatesactual result
AFrance3Albania12: 1
AAlbania1Switzerland10: 1
BEngland2Russia11: 1
BWales1Slovakia12: 1
CGermany2Northern Ireland1
CUkraine1Northern Ireland1
CPoland1Northern Ireland11: 0
CGermany2Ukraine12: 0
DSpain2Czech Republic11: 0
DTurkey1Czech Republic1
DCroatia1Czech Republic1
DTurkey1Croatia10: 1
eBelgium1Italy10: 2
eIreland1Sweden11: 1
FAustria1Hungary10: 2
FPortugal2Iceland11: 1

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