The Division: farming high-end items – so you get the best items (Update: Lincoln Tunnel trick)

You are now level 30 and looking for the best high-end items in The Division? In this Guide we give you tips on farms of high-end equipment and show you how you can increase your chances, so you better get loot by opponents as a team shooter.

 Once you the maximum level 30 in The Division have reached, you will probably still mostly blue (Specialized) and purple (Superior) possess equipment. Do you want to coveted yellow (high end) items get, need their luck and need above all to the Dark zone and the Phoenix Credit put. We give you below Tips for high-end farms.

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Update: Lincoln Tunnel Exploit

A fairly easy way to get to high-end items there are in the Mission &# 8220; Lincoln tunnel Checkpoint&# 8221; on the level of difficulty &# 8220; Challenging&# 8221;. To do this you need a group of four players and you have the means mobile coverage Level overcome the limitations in the final boss area. Here, a player remains in the normal level range, while the other player the boss Finch kill.

Exploit: Hutch aka Bullet King 2.0

Have you done him a player in the normal level range must die and be resurrected. This ensures that the Boss Encounter is reset. Finch respawn and can often be defeated so desired. In this way you get to a lot of high-end items and Phoenix credits. A detailed description of the method you see in the following video of the YouTube channel PS4Trophies.

The Division: For high-end equipment &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

Before you with the Farms of high-end items begins ensures that their level have already reached 30. Tips about how her that creates fast, we give you the Guide: The Division: Quick XP and experience points and level up farming.

Generally, there are several ways to High-end loot in The Division get. However, it also comes always a bit of luck at, especially when the drop rate of items. The most effective methods include:

  • Bosse farms in the Dark Zone.
  • Phoenix earn credits and trade them for merchants to high-end equipment.
  • Regularly undergo Challenge Missions in Manhattan.

The Division: Dark-Zone Guide with tips on apostates recover the objects and the DZ-Rank

increase rags collecting value: Before the farms!

In The Division there are similar to traditional role-playing a character value for Item Find. This puts your chance percentage that enemies leave more and better items fall for you. In English, this attribute is at The Division &Scavenging; # 8220&# 8221;. However, in the German translation of it was &Collecting rags; # 8220&# 8221;. What this value is with you, you see in your inventory. Here goes the tab character and scroll down to category exploration. Here you can see your percentage for collecting rags.

the-division-splashed collect-worthy

To increase your rags collection value, you have the following options:

  • You can find rags collecting bonuses as a passive attribute on some armor.
  • You can assign the rags collecting attribute on improving station. More information you read in the Guide: The Division: Improve equipment &# 8211; so changed their bonuses and attributes
  • Especially in knee pads the rags collecting value often seems to emerge.
  • Equips your dealer for specialized equipment in the tech wing of the base of operations regularly visits from. He sometimes has armor with more rags collecting bonus on offer.

farms bosses in the Dark Zone &# 8211; so you find them

One of the most effective methods for farms of high-end equipment is the Killing bosses in the Dark Zone. If possible you should have a solid group of four players to simplify things and to speed especially. You can also try it with random players when here the risk is always high that you will treacherously killed and your loot stolen.

To track bosses in the Dark Zone, look at your map. The purple eingefärbeten areas with the fist symbol mark landmark areas, where spawn the bosses. They are colored white, the boss was recently killed here by other players and has not yet spawned again.

Landmark areas in purple house a boss. In white areas, no new boss is spawned.Landmark areas in purple house a boss. In white areas, no new boss is spawned.

You can find bosses in the Pick-up areas of the Dark Zone. Fortunately, the bosses will spawn again quite quickly. So you can watch landmark areas that are close together, pick out and then run as a farm-route. With every boss you have the chance to get high-end items as loot. In addition, you get whatever Phoenix Credit of them, which leads us to the next opportunity.

High-end items for sale with Phoenix Credits

By the earned credits from Phoenix Boss runs you can buy you high-end equipment from vendors. You can find these in the Dark Zone in the Safe Houses. You can also pick a dealer for specialized equipment in your tech wing unlock by the corresponding upgrade. Here you will get in addition to high-end equipment blueprints, with her you can even make the best items. More in the Guide: The Division: Crafting Guide with localities of all materials

As you otherwise still Phoenix earn credits can, you read the Guide: Phoenix earn credits and use: The Division &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

Completing missions in Challenge Mode

A more time-consuming and especially difficult method is the Completing missions in difficulty &# 8220; Challenging&# 8221;. For that you get when successful conclusion then also two guaranteed high-end items. however, noted that these missions are really create very difficult and with a team of four players.

In mission completion you are guaranteed two high-end items.In Mission Statements you are guaranteed two high-end items.

Consultation via headsets and a balanced mix of skills and talents are just as important for success. In addition, you deserve you in the challenge missions a lot of credits and phoenix credits.

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