Sky Go see HTML5: New player starts

Again and again, Sky customers mocked about the Silverlight forced from Sky Go. The Microsoft plugin for the browser has repeatedly met crashes or errors when playing Sky Go. Thus, immediately closing off. After the announcement of the new Sky packages of pay-TV giant now also to equip Sky Go for HTML5 starts.

Sky Go see HTML5: New player starts

In many browsers playing the Sky streams in recent weeks was no longer possible. So Google Chrome closed Silverlight have some of its settings.

Sky offers at a glance*

Sky Go: HTML5 playback is rolled out

Sky Go see HTML5: New player startsA few months ago the Sky executives announced the official forum that it is working on an implementation of HTML5 for Sky Go. Now it should be ready. Currently users are already the latest version of Google Chrome to enjoy, to run the online content from Sky in the browser without any additional plugin. If you have a previous version or uses a different browser, still have to wait a bit.

Especially for football fans expected to HTML5 with Sky Go a nice gift for the weekend to be, after all, is on Sunday's derby between the Ruhr giants FC Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund.

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see Sky Go with HTML5

Furthermore, Sky Anytime is replaced by Sky On Demand. Here, the Inclusions, which you can get on the Sky + Receiver on the Internet, orderly expanded. In addition, the user interface of the Sky + -Receivers was neatly polished. With the Sky box sets also to series fans are made palatable a Sky subscription.

sky-go html5Thus, soon conclude Sky Go has opted to HTML5

If you must still continue to watch with Silverlight on Sky Go, we'll show you what you can do with Silverlight issues. We also show you what you should consider when alleged Sky Go hacks. Who wants to turn on the pay-TV Stream traveling experiences with us as much data volume consumed Sky Go.

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