Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Dragon Balls and wishes – Guidelines

Dragon Ball Xenoverse would not Dragon Ball if it were not for the Dragon Balls (The names fluctuations walk from the English title and the German translation accompanied). We've come up with a guide, as soon as possible to collect the 7 Dragon Balls you all and what you can do it with your wishes at Shenlong.

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Who knows the anime or the manga Dragonball knows that seven mystical orbs that are generic distributed on Earth, can summon the dragon Shenlong miracle that meets every need &# 8211; no matter how crass it is.

These Dragon Balls can be of course in Dragon Ball Xenoverse find, in some of the parallel quests from the so-called Time Patrol learning. We list you the quests in which you have the chance to Dragon Balls, you give a now widespread tip with betraying their way and what you you can wish all of Shenlong (the game has, after all, sometimes its limits).

Collecting the dragon balls given you the trophies &# 8220; Exciting secrets of the world&# 8221 ;, &# 8220; hope for the planet&# 8221 ;, &Grandfather memoirs; # 8220&# 8221; and &# 8220; The World's Best Wonders&# 8221 ;.

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Finds the first Dragon Ball
b026ef72f50e814565f0d455beafca755b199e49Hope for the planet
Win a 2-star Dragon Ball
0229843e6fab8cdbd4dac1b2e160b76fc040a060Grandfather's memoirs
Win a 4-star Dragon Ball
794291a25f5a61dfd0945104db666d0fff757d38The World's Best Wonders
Collect all 7 DragonBalls and calls Shenlon induce

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse: parallel quests with seven Dragon Balls

Although these five parallel quests have the winning conditions for an ultimate place that you have to find seven Dragon Balls, but unfortunately do not allow that you keep the balls. So you you should leave the farms for Dragon Balls ignored.

  • Parallel Quest 8: Namekian Dragon Balls
  • Parallel Quest 28: Take back the Dragon Balls
  • Parallel Quest 43: Old Rivals and Dragon Balls
  • Parallel Quest 46: Evil Dragon Balls seeks yet again!
  • Parallel Quest 53: Dangerous Duo! Warriors never rest

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Quick farms Dragon Balls

Maybe you've already seen, is presented in which, as you can fastest farms all 7 Dragonballs the video of GamerFuzion. We take it anyway completeness again and give brief asides in German in order to better understand the video and point to.

  1. Once arrived at level 10, you can check out in the parallel Quest 2: &# 8220; Prepare for the Attack of the Saiyans&# 8221; go and you say there in the first part against Krillin, Yamcha and Tien.
  2. opens the portal to the next stage of the quest, you travel though not immediately through. Because at the entrance to Kami's Lookout should now appear a Time Patroller, you have to call the fight. Sealed the fight with a Super Move so that you get a key item.
  3. Flies through the portal and beats one to Gohan and Piccolo. Important here is that your character can not depart this life here because her otherwise the chance of losing the Dragon Ball.
  4. The reward for just under 4 minutes of playing time a Dragon Ball. repeat parallel Quest and after about 28 minutes &# 8220; should&# 8221; you keep seven Dragonballs in hands according to Adam Riese. comment on to Shenlong and desire.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: The wishes of Shenlong

Dragon Ball Xenoverse-Shenlong

The dragon Shenlong appears once you have gathered all seven Dragon Balls. Now selects as your desire, because the ball subsequently again in all four (makes no sense, let's say 7) split directions. These are your choices:

  • I want money: You gain 500,000 Zeni (and trophy &# 8220; Grab love!&# 8221;)
  • I want a rare item: You get a rare item, very likely a cosmetic accessory
  • I want Makeover me: You will receive a new costume that your stats affected
  • I want to get stronger: You get 5x Soul Resonance Apparatus, 3x Soul Spreading Synthetic devices. From this, Z-Souls crafting, but did you know certainly
  • I want to grow: Instant Level up
  • I want a new ultimate attack: you gain &# 8211; tadaaa &# 8211; a new Move (2x applicable)
  • I want a new super attack: Explained, supra, actually saying
  • I want more usable characters: Your turn Super Saiyan Level 4 Gogeta Super no. 17 and Omega Shen-Long free (obviously 3x applicable)
  • I want a second chance at life: All stats to zero, you have the opportunity to respecen your character
  • I want to be stunning: You can adjust reshape your character (size is not supposed&# 8230)
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