Find @ (at sign) on Mac keyboards and abroad: the AT-sign

The @ symbol is part of the Internet, such as Franz Beckenbauer at Bayern. Write an e-mail If you want to, you can not get attached to the use of the AT character over. While bringing the keyboards in this country via shortcut "Alt" + "Q" on the screen, you come with this knowledge abroad to its limits. So you do not have to look far on foreign keyboards if their z. B. want to send to friends back home from vacation from the hotel terminal mail, look at the following tips on how to find the @ symbol on keyboards abroad.

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Depending on which keyboard layout is enabled in Windows, the @ sign hidden behind various key combinations. Because of its shape the @ is also known as monkey's tail, ear or monkey spider monkey.

The AT-sign abroad: So you can find it on third-party keyboards

Arabia / Africa (no French keyboard)Shift + 2
BelgiumAlt + 2
BrazilAlt + 2
English (United Kingdom)Shift + &# 8216; (Where on German keyboard is the "ä")
English (USA)Shift + 2
FranceAlt + 0
GreeceShift +2
IcelandAlt + q
ItalyAlt + ò (where on German keyboard, the "ö is)
CanadaAlt + 2
Croatia, Slovenia, SerbiaAlt Gr + v
NetherlandsAlt + 2
PortugalAlt +2
SwitzerlandAlt + 2
Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway)Alt + 2
SpainAlt + 2
South AmericaAlt + q
TurkeyAlt + q, or + f (the right of the tab key)

If your whereabouts in the table above is not included, tried it with the shortcut "Alt + 2" or "Shift + 2". Remains the desired character, you can copy it to you here and paste it into the address bar of e-mail clients: @

Write AT symbol on the Mac

On the safe side you are, if you write the @ sign on the ASCII code. Expresses this the "Alt" key and give the numeric keypad to "64" (without quotes). No matter what continent you find yourself and what arrangement, the keyboard lies before you has, with "Alt" + "64" of the spider appear anywhere on the screen. To write the AT icon on the Mac, it simultaneously presses the "Alt" - and "L" key. Lest us also how to write the Peace sign with keyboard.


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